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R&P grammy awards??

ok, in honor of the grammies happening recently, i'd thought

we'd hand out R&P grammies to deserving nominees, i'm going to have a couple of rounds, so it will be a bit similar to how Shadows Fall was running battle of the bands, so right now you can nominate one artist or band for each catergory

bad awards:

1. highest male voice (believe me, i'm not saying it's a good thing)

2. worst instrumental talent

3. is always stuck in your head

4. worst album of 2007

5. became inexplicably mega-popular

good awards:

1. best undiscovered artist

2. most impact on today's music

3. best scream (they can be old or new groups)

4. most talented instrumentally

5. best known for their looks (not that they are attractive, but just that everyone can reconize them, like KISS for example)

ok enjoy, i'm resolving the question around 8:55 AM tommorow so get your votes in! round two will be up tommorow evening. oh, and this is EST time zone i'm running on.

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    bad awards

    1. Five For Fighting

    2. MCR

    3. Zac Efron (believe me, I've been singing Bet On It since I saw it on YouTube. Which I did. Over and Over. Also wins for Worst Dancing Ever)

    4. Did MCR release anything new?

    5. Amy Winehouse (I like her OK, but I think she's playing the whole "troubled rocker" thing up a bit for not actually having released too much music)

    The good awards are so much harder. Ughh.. Trying to come up with answers.

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    1. Brendon Urie

    2. Jonas Brothers

    3. (good award!) Black Electric by Blaqk Audio

    4. As i Am -Alicia Keys

    5. Hannah Montanna


    1. Godspeed

    2. Led Zeppelin

    3. Davey Havok

    4. AFI

    5. Amy Winehouse

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    4 years ago

    Male Vocalist Of The year? Kenny Choi lady Vocalist Of The year? Juliet Simms Band Of The year? All Time Low Album Of The year? Bone Palace Ballet- Chiodos The Lifetime Acheivement Award? The Beatles

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    Bad Awards

    1. Gerard Way

    2. Pete Wentz from FOB

    3. Dance, Dance by FOB....grrr..

    4. Minutes To Midnight by Linkin Park- I am sorry but that isn't the old Linkin Park that I once knew.

    5. Simple Plan again

    Good Awards

    1. Firewind- I am obsessed with their music currently

    2. Led Zeppelin- especially with their recent return

    3. Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage

    4. Jeff Loomis from Nevermore

    5. Static-X because Wayne Static just has that crazy spiked hair that you will always remember.

    EDIT: Citizen_erased, I was going to say Coheed and Cambria's singer also, but I figured a MCR member needed to be placed somewhere.

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    bad awards:

    1. brendon urie or patrick stump

    2. pete wentz

    3. misery buisness is always stuck in my head

    4. infinity on high

    5. three days grace

    good awards:

    1. the vanished

    2. ...

    3. i like matt tucks scream

    4. john petrucci

    5. hayley williams (the orange hair)

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    1 decade ago

    1. coheed and cambria vocalist (too lazy to look it up)

    2. MCR

    3. i hate kate (smaller band, great songs but get stuck in ur head so fast)


    5. paramore (but i like them)

    1. i hate kate

    2. pink floyd (all prog rock is based off of pink floyd)

    3. the fall of troy lead singer

    4. coheed and cambria or muse

    5. slipknot

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