Bridging Jensen 2-Channel Amp?

Hi everyone,

Im fairly new at car audio, and i have a question for you guys.

I recently bought a Jensen JPA285 2-Channel Amp for a really good price. The specs can be seen here:

I have room for ONE subwoofer in my truck, so i would want to bridge the amp to get the most power, right?

If so, the amp info says "Bridgeable for mono operation (4-ohms only)"...does that mean i need to find a subwoofer that is 4 ohms? And with the amp i have now, what would be the rms or max power the sub would need to have? Could anyone make any suggestions? I'm looking to spend around 50-75 bucks or less.

Thanks so much for the explanation guys!

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    1 decade ago
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    one subwoofer on very lil money to spend hmm.. go to walmat and buy the 10 inch sony xplod, yea there rated for 1100 watts, but they can pound for one sub and they only cost about 80.00

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    1 decade ago

    First of all, engine noise through RCA's is a myth. Rca's are grounded cables. They can't easily introduce noise. Secondly, Sony products for car audio, DO suck. But, more importantly, Pioneer subs suck just a much, if not harder.

    Your amp will only put out about 130watts, RMS. meaning you would need a sub that could handle 200 watts. which isn't much. For the price range you specify, you can't really get a decent sounding sub. Save up some money and look around, you can find killer deals on some lesser known brands, but i wouldn't advise it. i would seriously invest some quality cash in something. Think about it as an investment. will you be happy three years down the road listening to your cheap, pioneer cardboard subs? naaah, dude.

    look at the polk audio DB series, they're cheaper than most, and they sound fantastic in that price range. Bottome line is this: you want something that is impressive, not something someone's gonna say "oh, yea, my pal's got one of those, too."

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  • 3 years ago

    you may get the two channel. except you decide directly to bridge your 2 subs yet you wont get as plenty out of the 4 channel because of the fact the amp spreads those 1500 watts over 4 channels extremely of two. additionally in case you bridge your amp incorrect you could reason it to clip and then could pay a gaggle of money to have it fixed (an common job yet desires to be carried out by potential of a consultant)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yeah its fine bridging it, and i would get an pioneer sub "IMMP" its great for price and awesome quality.

    but alot of people might disagree!! don't care though

    also this is important!! ( run your power wire on the opposite side of your RCA cables and blue power antennae) if not you will get engine noise through your sub.

    if you run the power wire on the passanger side, then run your rca cables and antennae wires on the driver side.

    and ps sony sucks

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