how was jamestown discovered?

pleese its homework

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    On May 13, 1607, a ship carrying 104 men and boys from England arrived at a pear-shaped peninsula in Virginia. It was named Jamestown, after Britain's King James. The soil and climate seemed just right for a new home. Using old-fashioned spelling, Captain John Smith described the spot as "a verie fit place for the erecting of a great cittie."


    The colonists built a triangle-shaped fort along the river to protect themselves from the Spanish and Native Americans. Over the next few years, disease, starvation and attacks by the Powhatan tribe killed many settlers. In 1608, a fire ravaged the fort.

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    Jamestown is still Jamestown. Richmond is further up I-95. Newport News, and Williamsburg are the next nearest major cities. Research before you answer questions. Jamestown is a city on the peninsula, the original colony of Jamestown is still being dug up (waters in the chesapeake bay continue to recede, opening new camp sites).

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