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In Fish Tycoon game how old does a fish live? Do they ever die of old age? I have some really old fish and I am wondering if their time is almost up? When the fish are really old can they get pregnant? Do the fish ever die (of course when they are disease free)? What is the oldest age that a fish can accomplish? Thank you for your time and effort in answering this question. I totally appreciate it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A fish who does not end up getting sick, gets fed regularly, and is in the proper tank environment (meaning you don't have very rare fish trying to survive in a level one environment) can survive for infinity though the age caps out at 9999. They don't really die of old age but I do believe that the age can be one cause for some of the illnesses the fish get which can kill them. No proof of it though. Even at this age, they can still become pregnant.

    Fish normally only die when they get sick, when they're too uncommon or rare (fragile) for the environment level you have researched (i.e. the seventh magic fish will not survive in level 1 or 2 Environment but really level 3), or when you fail to feed them regularly.

    Hope this helps!

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    The fishes there can live up to infinity xD the only way those fishes can die is when u dont feed em or they get sick..old fishes can still get fishes already died because i neglected them xD...the game gets boring eventually ..LOL

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