Do you think the downfall of wal-mart will be their suppliers someday?

Think about it K-mart used to be the big dog and as far as I have been told they went out of whack because the suppliers to them got so tired of having to cater to their low prices. Now here we are and here is proctor and gamble let's say which 20% of P&G income now comes from Wal-mart lol but recently P&G tried to lower their DEPENDENCE on Wally world and tried to lower that to 15% My point is wal-mart and suppliers like proctor and gamble probably hate one and other BUT YET THEY NEED EACH OTHER!! However if you look at the history of retailing the suppliers ALMOST always win in the end just like with big stupid K. What a bunch of hype lol. What people think is good today might not be tomorrow. So not to Big W wal-mart what do people here think?

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    Agree with the above. Wal-Mart buys the majority of its products overseas, leaving American suppliers out of work and out of luck. These same workers are now forced to shop at Wal-Mart , being forced to buy cheaper goods they can barely afford. Wal-Mart will be its own undoing when the American worker can't even afford to shop at Wal-Mart itself.

    The global economy is partly to blame, but it is all about cost instead of quality. Why pay the American worker a solid wage with benefits, when you can sub-contract with the Chinese, who pay their workers 25 to 41 cents an hour? It's sad, yet understandable, why they do this. I don't condone the way they beat down the cost of their goods with their suppliers. Many American companies agree to sell to Wal-Mart at break even costs or slightly under just to stay afloat.

    They pay their employees just enough to make ends meet, but never get ahead. They twist the arm of local government officials to get approval of land-use restrictions to fit their agenda. They have put the smaller independents and quality name stores out of business, not to mention all the jobs from these businesses. The residual effects of their massiveness and dominance are far reaching for the economy, and the hard working laborer who used to feel secure.

    Yes, Sam would be rolling in his grave if he saw all the practices being implemented to his chain today.

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    The only thing that will stop Wal-Mart will be ethical consumers who choose en-masse not to shop there any more. And let's face it, that's never going to happen. Already the only people who still shop at Wal-Mart are the poor and uneducated who do so out of necessity for the most part.

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    Oh wow..that's humorous. And that extremely is the type of folk who come into Wal-Mart. i've got been working there for 2 years and known i'm surprised by employing peoples way of existence. i'm stunned that the greeter replaced into brave adequate to declare that, yet I could provide her credit for status up for herself!!

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    When Wal-Mart sold only US made products they were great. I think their downfall will be all of the MADE IN CHINA products!

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    their downfall will be the same as so many others. GREED They have systematically gotten rid of every policy that made them great. If Sam were alive he would be so ashamed of what his company has become

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