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Do-jo weather loach alone in 10 gallons?

I am gonna get a 10 gallon tank with a filter but I won't be getting a heater. I am considering a weather loach just one. Would that be ok?

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    That is not a good choice for a 10 gallon tank. Weather loaches are cold water fish, but they will grow too big for a 10 gallon tank. They also need a fine substrate such as sand as they are burrowing fish. I would recommend 10-12 fat head minnows only. White clouds are fairly fast and need good current and plenty of open swimming space. You should really have a 20 gal long for white clouds and/or weather loaches and this is the minimum size recommended for a single weather loach.

    If you spend $10 - $15 and get a heater, you will have MANY options.

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    10g is basically too small for loaches. All loaches might desire to be in communities of three-4 or greater. Chain Loaches which get 2" max are very very energetic and choose 20g minimum. Kuhli Loaches which get 4" yet with small bioload nonetheless choose 15-20g or greater. in case you like loaches, placed funds right into a much better tank. For a 10g you're constrained to pygmy/dwarf corydoras which ar each fragile and that's approximately it for backside dwellers.

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    I have a weather loach, they are wonderful and very entertaining. I keep him in a 20 gallon community tank and hes fine. They do a lot of fast paced swimming, particularly when the barometric pressure drops (hence their name). It would probably not be the best idea to keep it in 10 gallons. If you do, use a fine substrate as they love to bury themselves with only their little eyes sticking out. mine also really appreciates caves and rocks that he can burrow under. I think thats the most important part to consider. Also, I recommend a bubble wand for the back of the tank because I know that mine absolutely loves to swim over it and burrow under it. I took it out once and he flipped.

    I hope you enjoy whatever fish you choose to keep!


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    Hi Jenny, although I don't keep them I know people that do & it's my understanding that Weather Loaches need similar conditions to Goldfish to live happily ie-large, massively filtered tanks. In addition they are social fish so at least 2 & preferably more is a good way to go & that means a tank of 40+ gallons. It would be cruel to keep one alone.

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    Weather Loaches are highly sociable fish and you should consider 2 or 3 so they can hang out together or they will become depressed and die. And, yes, fish do get depressed.

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