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North Carolina is overated. Who agrees?

72-68 W against Davidson

86-77 W vs Kentucky who got whooped by vandy last night by 40 sumthin pts

88-78 vs Nicholls State (WHO?!!!?!??)

90-88 W in OT vs clemson

83-82 W vs georgia tech

82-80 L vs maryland

84-73 W in OT vs florida state

89-78 L vs duke

103-93 in OT vs clemson again

75-74 vs virginia

i think they r overhyped n ppl still pick em 2 win the championship. i know they have'nt had ty lawson 4 a lil while bt every game b4 the duke game he was playin so i think they get too much credit.

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    I totally agree with you. North Carolina is wholly overrated. Against teams like UCLA Kansas they wouldn't be able to compete. First of all the ACC is overrated. Only two teams ranked and everyone else seems to crumble when they face the Tar Heels in that conference. Those scores also show that teams they should be crushing are hanging around. If the basketball bounces one way or another against a tough NCAA tournament team season is over. I can see North Carolina making it to the Elite Eight. But this team is nowhere near ready to win a championship. This year it's going to be UCLA if healthy the team is solid defensively and the #1 team. And definitely not Memphis whose free throw skills will be exposed. Some CUSA team should just foul those guys every possession. Force Memphis players to win from the charity stripe.

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    We also loss bobby Frasor in addition to Lawson. Were struggling but we are still winning games. We have a better record then everyone below us in the rankings so what is the problem. Bottom line we are still winning games and we will the team dancing well into March.

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    Without Ty Lawson the team has no real point guard. Not only did he run the offense, but he was a big time scorer. Oh, and one more thing I dont like the Heels and I think Hansbrough is a TOOL.

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    In no shape or form are they overrated

    They are a talened team, you bring up the losses and close wins

    They won by ten against nich cuz the starters barely played

    Kentucky was better before, duke is good, and a win is a win

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  • Let's see come March Madness!

    Source(s): I'm not even a fan but I think you are incorrect. 7 of those teams are in the ACC. It's not like they have a choice there. And I can go on any powerhouse's page and name a few cupcakes who barely got beaten. How about you be fair about it? This isn't football man, teams lose games.
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    They aren't overated.

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    what else is new?

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