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Is $2,000 too much for an e-commerce website design and seo?

I am thinking about using 3D-Cart as my shopping cart for my ecommerce website. They have a design and SEO package that comes out to a little over $2,000. I have tried getting quotes from other such companies and some are much higher. I want a quality, professional looking site with SEO. I just don't know if I could find the same quality for less. Any suggestions would be great. I want to leave the design and seo to pros so it's done right.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    No, its base cost. But because it is base cost, that doesn't do much to guarantee your site will be successful. Also, what you bring to the table as far as content and photos greatly affects the success factor of your website. You should come to them with no less than a 10-page business plan providing them with more content than they will need.

    Also, a shopping cart developer that provides turnkey website solutions should be a little suspect. For instance, although your site costs $2,000, maybe they've done enough sites to where it only costs them $200 of creativity and labor.

    But anyway, I'd say if you can get those people on the phone, and if you've talked to more than 1 person from their company, and if their portfolio and website examples instill a sufficient amount of trust, I would take the risk. (Although I am a quality web developer myself).

    If I was going to charge $2k for shopping cart and seo, only $400 would be applied to the seo. This amounts to 4 hours of work per day for a week. To put it another way, I charge $140 for Basic Website Promotion for 1 week. This includes sitewide optimization, industry research and submission to major search engines as well as relevant targeted website directories. Also includes integration of Google Analytics for site tracking.

    All I'm saying is make sure you know what you're getting. Determine metrics that will indicate success (as far as the seo efforts), And perform a bit of risk assessment and figure out how much you're willing to lose and be satisfied with how much you're willing to trust.

    My one suggestion is to check out oscommerce. It is a great, free shopping cart program and you can find services that provide oscommerce websites. Also, zencart is an offshoot of oscommerce with more features. Maybe, since those shopping carts are free, designers providing solutions using them will use more of your $2k to help ensure your success and not just get you out the door.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're gettin a deal there. Ecom sites generally start at 5 grand....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think its a good deal .

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