What is a coward?

I've always wondered what people's interpretation of what a coward is over the years, especially in the climate we live in. Obviously, plenty would consider fear of physical harm a coward, but on another level some would consider not standing up for what you believe in or what you think is right or what have you to be a coward. I've known people who threw it around casually, considering anyone who's scared of anything a coward, and I've known people who rarely if ever call people cowards since they think it's a harsh and damaging insult best used for situation where it might truly apply. I just wanted to know what other people thought about this. And beyond that, does if even matter if you're a coward. Sorry if this is a long question.


Not only do I agree that fear is different than cowardice, but it is. With that said, fear can be a driving force for it as well.

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    I think of it as someone who doesn't stand up for what they believe. They know what they are doing is wrong or watch other people doing things that are not right....but don't step into the situation and try to make it better.

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    My opinion is that it's someone who doesn't stand up for what they believe in or what they know is right when the only reason Not to stand up for it is because they are afraid of the consequences. Depending on the circumstance is whether or not it matters. I'm a coward cause I dont tell everyone at work what I really think of them and that I hate the way they treat me and each other.. but then does that matter cause really, i'm trying to preserve the peace at work and not make it all any worse before I quit. So it all depends...

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    Cowardice is not the same thing as fear. Fear can be healthy. It can keep us alive. For example, the fear of falling keeps one from getting dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. However, sometimes we have to face our fears and go beyond them, for our own good or the good of others. Bravery is doing what's necessary despite our fears. A coward refuses to face those fears even though the welfare of others depends upon his actions.

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    A coward is someone who is incapable of making a decision, or resolving to do something, then sticking to it.

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    a Coward is someone whose sense of self-preservation is stronger then all other considerations.

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