What was the govenment's first and largest attempt at regional planning?

Was it the tennessee valley authority?

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    No. Technically, it would be the Northwest Ordinance that set up guidlines for settling regions west of the Appalachian Mountains. during Thomas Jefferson's presidency.

    The first post-Civil War regional planning efforts were around the turn of the 20th century and involved setting up systems for land and resource management--particularly how to handle the nations waterways and water supply, in view of the fact that the technology was then available to do these things--and to build hydroelectric power dams, etc. Since rivers don't pay much attention to state boundaries, it became necessary to have regional planning of water resources.

    Source(s): Hays, Samuel P. "Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency"
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    I think so . . . if that's the program that brought electric to rural America

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