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What causes buzzing/vibration in right breast?

It is about every 10 seconds, not painful.I'd appreciate insight from anyone with similar symptoms.

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    Excellent description! One medical term for something like this is "fasciculation". This is tiny muscle spasms and it is very difficult to get a definitive cause for them...theory's range from increased anxiety to over activity. This is usually benign and nothing to really worry about.

    Another possibility is that it is just a blood vessel spasm. Again, nothing to worry about in your breast and cause is difficult to determine since they come and go.

    Another possibility is a blocked milk duct and the spasm is happening because the tiny muscles around the duct are working overtime to push through.

    I had this happen years ago and was never told a cause. (I had a bilateral mastectomy for severe fibrocystic disease with severe pain all the time.) I am in no way suggesting that you have what I did. The treatment for fibrocystic disease is generally not mastectomy, but after YEARS of pain with my severe case and strong family history of breast cancer, if I did have cancer, they wouldn't be able to diagnose it because my entire breasts were so cluttered with cysts.

    Even now, after 7 years of having them removed, I will still get that buzzing and sometimes itching feeling INSIDE one of my implants. How weird is that? Phantom sensations I guess.

    It it really starts to bother you, go see your doctor. They could do a breast ultrasound to rule out any obstructions or growths.

    Good Luck!

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    Vibration In Breast

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    I ve occasionally had a very mild buzzing/vibrating in my left breast for years, never though much about it. Last month I was diagnosed with cancer of the left breast and had a total mastectomy 4 days ago. Since then the buzzing is really intense, off and on every few seconds. As the cancer is gone you can be sure it is NOT cancer causing the vibration. Incidentally, I m a man..

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    I never thought I would Google a problem like this, but I did. This vibration was driving me crazy but I was embarrassed to ask anyone about it. Your answers have been very helpful and I am not so worried anymore. Thank you all.

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    I get that too! Its like you have your cell phone on vibrate and its going off..its weird at first but I asked my Ob and she said its nothing to worry about..its just muscle in your breast that is unactive and that its I took it as that...I still get it just sometimes when it happens I have to remind myself I don't have my cell phone in my bra! Lolz!

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      Just said to my husband this morning that for the past week I have had this feeling in my right breast.... like my cell phone is on vibrate! Not painful, more annoying. Thanks everyone for the input. Good to know I'm not the only one!

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    It isnt the sport bra=it is cells inside that are prone to cancer you have more chance of getting it if it runs in the family too

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    sounds more like a twitch. A muscle reaction perhaps.

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    OMG thanks for this I just told my Mom and my friend, my boob is vibrating like a cell phone....Hold on I am getting a call. Thanks goodness for Google I thought I was losing it.

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    yay feeling soo light after reading all this yay yay yay i swear yay

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