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Why Birmingham New Street Station?

Does anyone have any views about the money being spent on New street Station, when it could be put to more urgent needs.


It is Birmingham New Street (UK)

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    I always have to change trains at New Street coming from the airport and going to Leicester. I hate it! I was told a while ago that there are twice the number of passengers at New Street than what the station is supposed to serve, and every time I am there, I carry my 20kg suitcase to the platform to then be informed that my train is late and won't stop at this platform. Nobody can every tell me where it is going to stop; the passengers are in total confusion as to where the train standing in front of them is going to because everything keeps changing, and no information is given. Not even the people who work there know anything. This has happened to me several times. I always end up dragging my suitcase back up the stairs and to another platform.

    I didn't know that there was money being spent on the station, but I think it is a rather urgent issue.

    Source(s): own experience
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    Seems that the money will be well spent, have driven through Birmingham but never been to the station, its the first impression people get of a city when they step off a train

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    As an ex Brummie New Street station is the gateway to Britain's second city. 17 million passengers use it every year and many its their first sight of Birmingham. First impressions go a long way so yes I would defiantly say this is money well spent and long overdue

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    birmingham new street is one of the most depressing train stations ever, being as im from the midlands whichever direction i need to travel i always seem to end up swapping trains there. honestly its nothing more than a black hole an always gives me the creeps

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    Morning CT-the way I look at it is that we give our house an uplift and spend money to keep it in good order-and so with the station-these things cost a lot-but as they say it will benefit the users and those after them-it's not wasted like 'The Dome!

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    Which Birmingham?There are half a dozen each in England and the US.

    Source(s): Lived near Birmingham,Michigan and now live near Birmingham,Alabama.
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    At least people are going to use the building and appreciate it.

    The money could be put to worse uses I suppose.

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