I want to send money to a friend in Cairo. What is the best way to send him money? He lives in Tok / Kalubia.?

I cannot find Tok / Kalubia on a map of Egypt or Cairo and I cannot find a Western Union close to where my friend says he is located. He does not have a bank account to send money to. I will be sending the money from the USA to Egypt.

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    Bank transfer is the easiest way...

    The National Nank of Egypt is the largest bank in Egypt and has branches all over the country and many correspondents abroad...

    To receive the money your friend doesn't need to have a bank account but you should direct the transfer to the nearest branch and mention your friends details (Full name - ID number - address - Telephone/s - etc)...

    Transfers to a person without a valid bank account will involve a higher fee...

    The closest Branch to Tokh should be one of two branches in Banha their details are as follows:

    1- Banha Branch - Corniche El nile (Swift code NBEG EG CX376)

    2- Saad Zaghloul Branch (Swift code NBEG EG CX377)

    Correspondents in the USA are:








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    If you or ur friend r Moslem, and ur names like: Mohammed, Ahmed Osama, Mustafa ‎‎...etc., don't use Wisternunion, they block money tell they check this names... But u ‎can bank to bank transfer; look for international banks which have branches in USA ‎& Egypt like HSBC. He may travel to Cairo to collect the money; Tokh to Cairo is ‎not far so it'll be easy for him.

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    ok i agree western union is the best fastest and safe way to do this transfer.

    yes they will check names of senders and recievers.

    but thats just the normal practice. and they do also charge a fee! but the size of the fee depends on how much you will send.

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    try different spelling of kalubia - qaliopea, kaliopeia, etc. you will find many possibilities of spelling. it's close to cairo, he can go to western union in cairo. it will take him short time.

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    Yes, it's possible

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