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題目:[my favourite neighbour]少於100字



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    you may divid your artical like this:

    1. My Favourite person is neighbour. (his name)

    2. The reason you like this person. (eg. I like xxx because he/she is very brave) and explain (give some example or tell a story to support it- eg. One time when we were in the lift, xxxyyy happened, he/she did xxxyyyzzz)

    3. What do you learn from this person, did he/she inference you in some ways?

    2008-02-15 10:31:27 補充:

    sorry i meant 1. My Favourite neighbour is xxx (his name)

    2008-02-17 12:29:51 補充:

    u are not learning anything if i make the whole artical for you...

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