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A Trip To Japan



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    I went to Japan last summer with my parents on a tour. We visited the Disneyland in Tokyo, and had a lot of fun there. We also visited a few attractions of great historical and cultural value such as the hundred-year-old Senso-ji Temple, and the beautiful garden of the Imperial Palace. I admire the Japanese for their great effort to preserve the historical sites, and hope that we could do the same in Hong Kong.

    I enjoyed the the food of Japan. I like sushi and tempura. Although they are commonly found in Hong Kong, those in Tokyo seemed to taste better. My mother liked the shopping trips to department stores with the tourist guide and other members of the group. She bought some outfits for me and herself, and some sports equipment for my father. I had the feeling that things in Japan were expensive. Even a bowl of noodle cost nearly 100 Hong Kong dollars. I wonder how poor people make a living in that country.

    I am grateful to my parents for taking me with them for the holiday. I wish I could do the same to them someday when I grow older.

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