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我向人打招呼say 'hi' 時,人們回答 'hi yourself' 是什麼意思?


我向人打招呼say 'hi' 時,

人們回答 'hi yourself'



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    when you say hi to somebody, usually people wll reply you [hi] or [what's up]. However, if that person reply you as [hi yourselves] means [hi 你 自己 o拉], which is something very rude. Moreover, you can notice this person's Enlish skill is not very good because this is [Cantonese English]. I never heard a person, who will say that. I think he just make it up by himself.

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    I agree with chiyinghihi, but allow me to elaberate. Assumed that you take the initiative to say "hi" to somebody, you would usually say "Hi, how are u?" (s)he will answer "Good, thank you" or "Not Bad" just to be polite, but sometimes you might hear someone answers like, "Not bad. Yourself?" It actually means that "I'm felling alright, how about you?" But no one would say "Hi yourself", or "Hi, yourself". It's just wrong, regardless it's written English or spoken English.

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    應該是向你say hi



    中文應該是:向你自己say hi


    如果我說錯,我問問其他人hi yourself是什麼意思吧

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    咁即係叫你自己“hi” 囉!

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