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因此,本人特此致函懇請 貴會能就這事件展開調查,











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    Dear sirs:come to February from October, oneself all is at very abuzz environment last,

    Although the teachers also teach very very good, what then really too noisy miscellaneous,

    Some classmates are about open to beat game machine.Play cards.Is very noisy

    Make more oneself the bad impression is in the classroom to eat thing, having much time to also make the lesson room is intolerably filthy.When classmate used computer room more ascend some isn't a top must of Web address.Broadcast song, msn.Download the type of song file.

    Also have a student to take a cigarette in the toilet, those abuzz students don't respect other people to also know nothing about self-discipline really.

    The teacher once tried arrestment, but the result isn't big,

    The noise harassment that the classmate sends out has already made oneself very much its bad impression is together helpless,

    Therefore, oneself hereby address a letter to plead an expensive meeting's ability to launch inquisition for this affairs,

    Speed up improvement 毅 to enter a last environment condition as soon as possible

    To relevant harbor island the teaching is central of make school rules classmate to send out warning and advice.

    So, can improve learning environment.The above hurl tells with suggestion, the non- student is personal private, everything all from the good reputation of school and put forward, the student pleads a school reply with thin add consideration.

    This with the result that the center hurl tells letter

    TMC student

    January 26,28

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    Dear Sirs: From October to February, I are in a very noisy environment on the court,

    Although teachers are also good for the good, but it is too noisy ', and

    Some students play games almost dignified. Playing poker. Very lively

    I am even more disgusted with fresh things in the classroom, there are many classrooms, they also made filthy state. Students use the computer room when somenot to the web site. Play the songs msn. Download song files and so on.

    Students are smoking cigarettes in the toilet, noisy students who do not respect other people will not self-discipline.

    The teacher had tried to stop, but without much success.

    Students have been issued by the noise I am very disgusted with the helpless,

    Therefore, I hereby urge your letter on this incident investigation,

    Jin Yi as soon as possible to improve supervision appear on the environment

    Teaching Centre on Hong Kong Island to the students who regulations issued warnings and advice.

    In this way it can improve the learning environment. More complaints and suggestions, non-Yijizhisi students, and all are from the school's reputation for proposed school students urge careful consideration and response.

    Yours centre complaint letter

    TMC students

    January 2008 26


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