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(拜託~請不要用線上翻譯的 因為有些句子會翻的非常奇怪一一")

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    1 decade ago
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    Homles knew that the Baschware family's ancestors were killed by the fierce hunting dog because they committed evil crimes. The whole family were haunted by this shadow and the heirs of the family all died consecutively in a mysterious and horrible way. In the beginning, he thought this was simply an interesting legend but he had many doubts after hearing about the Duke's cause of death. So he decided to investigate this case.

    With incredible wisdom and careful observation, he found the evidence that the murderer committed the crime and decisively used the heir to introduce out the murderer so that unsolved the legend existing one hundred year.

    After reading the story, the vivid plot left me deep impression. It not only makes me admire Holmes' calmness and sedentary and also makes me appreciate very much the author's excellent writing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Fu er Morse at hear of ba this gramme dimension Erh family ancestorr because do evil, But dies under natural disposition cruel gundog. Whole family all cover this shadow hang over, But family's heir too all one by one as tortuous but dreadful style pass away. At first he thinks this just a funny legend, But listens pass as therefore count's cause of death, Feels doubtful point layer upon layer, Decides intervene investigate this document.

    He as surpass wisdom and careful observation find murder be found out and brought to justice witness, And decided take advantage of heir will murder elicit, Untie this spread a hundred years dreadful legend.

    Looks finish after story, Vivid gut let I effective. Not only make I admire happiness Erh Morse calmness, Sink, Too let I to author skilful write technic very appreciation.

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