Which Actors Should be Casted if There Were to be a Miss Saigon Movie?

I'm thinking if the Miss Saigon motion picture were to be made, certain actors should be casted in the film. Here is my suggestion for the actors to play their respected characters:

Vanessa Hudgens as Kim

Jim Sturgess as Chris

John Leguizamo as the Engineer

Terrence Howard as John

Emmy Rossum as Ellen

Oliver Stone would be the executive producer and either Alan Parker or Rob Marshall, who directed Chicago, would direct the movie. I'm hoping if it becomes reality and, if so, i would be good to see. It would mean Oscars or other awards for the people who are involved in the movie. If u have other suggestions about the actors playing the characters, u can respond to this question. If it's going to happened, then I'm looking forward to see the movie and it's going to be good, compared to the London West End Musical. It would be nice to see Vanessa Hudgens winning her first award, whether it's a Golden Globe or an Oscar, and it would be very memorable for her.

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  • LORD Z
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    1 decade ago
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    Brenda Song as Kim

    Ricky Ulman Chris

    Robin Williams as the Engineer

    Hugh Jackman as John

    Rachel Leigh Cooke as Ellen

  • 1 decade ago

    Here's mine:

    Tina Fey as Kim

    Eminem as Chris

    Steve Carell as the Engineer

    Kate Hudson as John

    Ellen DeGeneres as Ellen

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