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If you could be one x-men character for one day,then become yourself again,who would you be and why??...Thanks

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    If I could be one of the x-men characters for one day. . .I would become Wolverine because his personality kind of fits me. . .I sometimes can't control my temper and gets the best of me. . .I also have difficulties trusting people. . .He's a great fighter and trains a lot. . .and I'm the same as well, how do I know?. . .I have a black belt in karate. . .I like kickboxing. . .and I win in tournaments. . .

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    Thats a really tough question because you go back to yourself the following day. I suppose I would try to be an X-Man who had the ability to ensure that wouldn't happened. But at the top of my head I can't think of any X-Men who had reality warping powers. Sure there are villians (i.e.- Proteus). So my answer would be Phoenix. Being Phoenix would allow my greatest dream to fly through the air and be completely free. I could also read people's minds and then (as selfish as this is) make my life better through manipulating and controlling them. Though I would do this just to make things better not to punish or demean other people. And maybe even fly to a place where I've never been to but always dream of, like the Greek Isles and start a new life in paradise. :-) so yeah, thats it.

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    Okay if it's an x-men character it would be whoever Wolverine is into (Hugh Jackman is a smokin' Wolverine!) But if it were any character at all I would be Sue Storm from Fantastic 4 so I could make myself invisible, think of all of the things you would find out when people don't know you're around!

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