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What type of corruption occured during the presidency of Miguel Alemán Valdés during the 1940's in Mexico.

Can anyone tell me anything about that era? My main interest is in the different types of corruption that took place within the government during his presidency, but any info would be great. Thanks!

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    As president, Alemán pursued industrial development, increasing the extension of the nation's rail network, improving highways, and constructing a number of major schools. To accomplish this, in 1947 he negotiated a major loan from the United States. He also worked extensively with irrigation and farming, greatly expanding the national production of rice, sugar, bananas, coffee, oats, and pineapple. He faced the appearance of foot-and-mouth disease and killed thousands of cattle in order to contain it. He gave women the right to vote in municipal elections during his term, and in 1952, elevated Baja California to state status. Internationally, he signed peace agreements with Japan, Germany and Italy following World War II, had a hand in a truce between Pakistan and India, and worked with the United States on the issue of the braceros. Rampant political corruption and crony capitalism marked his administration and shaped the relationship of politics and big business in Mexico until our days.

    He played a major role in the development and support of the city of Acapulco, which is now well known all over the world as one of the principal tourist destinations in Mexico and Latin America.

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