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Attention X-Box 360 Owners or anyone who has played Halo 3...?

is halo 3 worth getting if you haven't played the 1st or 2nd one? or will it all be confusing if you've never played 1 and 2 and ur first Halo game is Halo 3?

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    Here's a link to videos that will get you caught up on the story of Halo 1 and 2... then you can play Halo 3 no problem.

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    if you haven't played halo 1 or halo 2 it is so worth getting halo 3 because the third doesn't really make you think back to halo 1 or 2 because there is so many new things that it doesn't really matter if you have played halo 1 or 2

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    I would suggest playing 1 & 2. You will get into the game alot more if you play the first two. You can get halo two for around twenty dollars and you can download halo 1 from the xbox live market place.

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    Playing halo 3 on xbox live is the best way to go, no back ground needed and still super fun and can keep u busy for hours and hours. play a custom game buy yourself to learn the controls or with a friend before going online so you can beat other people, but i highly recomend halo 3 and dont worry bout the halo one and two games.

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    A link to Halo 1's storyline:

    A link to Halo 2's storyline:

    Get Halo 3. It's a great game.

    Source(s): The websites.
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    It's not like most people don't buy Halo 3 for only the multiplayer anyway. Do you think it would be a good idea?

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    rent halo 1 and 2 if you want to know the details of the story then buy 3.

    Btw get xbox live, totally worth it.

  • its never the wrong time to get halo 3

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    those are the numerous the rationalization why somebody could get the Xbox 360, if u like Halo, Halo2 then of direction get this interest. yet make constructive u check out all the different super video games for the Xbox 360 additionally.

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    i played the first one it was confusing but i got use to it then the 2 one was very bad the controls were bad but the 3 one is different to the other 2 but it is better then them too

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