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Some good Math-Core bands?

Well I listen to Protest The Hero and I was wondering if anyone knew of some other good Math-Core bands. (Excluding Dragonforce =P)

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Some good Math-Core bands?

    Well I listen to Protest The Hero and I was wondering if anyone knew of some other good Math-Core bands. (Excluding Dragonforce =P)

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    I know this question is old as heck, but for other people who see this, I recommend the following:


    Dance Gavin Dance

    Revocation (not sure if math-core but still good)

    Fall of Troy

    The Human Abstract

    Between The Buried and Me


    Blotted Science

    I'm a big PTH fan myself but I wouldn't say that all PTH fans will automatically like these bands. Protest the Hero is pretty unique so it is difficult to find bands that have both the same level of skill and the same musical style.

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    * Math Rock bands use complex time signatures in their songs.

    * As the Sun Sets

    * Behold... The Arctopus

    * Beneath the Massacre

    * Blood Has Been Shed

    * Botch

    * Candiria

    * Creation Is Crucifixion

    * Curl Up and Die

    * Converge

    * Daughters

    * Dance Club Massacre

    * The Dillinger Escape Plan

    * Ed Gein

    * Electro Quarterstaff

    * The End

    * The Fall of Troy

    * Fear Before the March of Flames

    * Five Star Prison Cell

    * Foreign Objects

    * Head Wound City

    * HeavyHeavyLowLow

    * Hella

    * The Hubble Constant

    * The Human Abstract

    * Into the Moat

    * Ion Dissonance

    * If Lucy Fell

    * The Locust

    * Look What I Did

    * Manhattan Skyline

    * Misery Signals

    * The Number Twelve Looks Like You

    * Psyopus

    * Public Relations Exercise

    * SikTh

    * Some Girls

    * Tera Melos

    * These Arms are Snakes

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    Math core is cool. You've already been given some good answers so i won't bother recapitulating. Can i add you? Note to Adam: sorry, bro. I accidentally gave you a thumbs down, i clicked the wrong button. I was trying to give you a thumb up.

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    I dig some cool tech-death bands, which I believe is pretty similar to "math-core"

    Try Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan to start. Mind is blank right now.

    Oh, also check out OLD Soudngarden, believe it or not. Their 1st album Ultramega OK is ridiculous with bizarre time signatures and riffs you'd need a calculus degree to understand.

    Source(s): (edit) Giant Squid Behold...The Arctopus Circle Takes the Square Daughters Coalesce Converge (sorta) Neurosis Today is the Day Some Girls
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    Mathcore Bands

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    Technical Death Metal is way better.

    check out:




    but if you really want Math Core i've heard "The Day Everthing Became Nothing" are good

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    My god, no one listens to Drive Like Jehu or Don Caballero???

    They are the pioneers of "math" rock/core. Pay dues!

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    Blood Has Been Shed

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