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Most effective strategies against young tennis players? (High School Tennis Team Tryouts)?

I've been playing for about a year and I've never tried out for the Tennis Team. I consider my self to be quite fast. Any suggestions on how I can take advantage of this against younger less expirienced players? ANY answers would be appreciated. TRYOUTS IN ONE WEEK! :0


So, should i go with the "consistency" approach? Does that mean play defense all of the time? Or "hit it where they aint'" and over react?

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    Being quick on your feet is a definite asset if you play tennis.

    However, merely being quick isn't enough. Unless you have solid ground strokes and can get to the ball and keep it in play, it won't matter if you can move like grease through a goose.


    1. Get to the ball.

    2. Get the ball back across the net and in bounds.

    3. When you see an opportunity, hit the ball where your opponent isn't, and hit it so he can't get to it for a return.

    ******Obviously, being able to put the ball where your opponent isn't comes about as a result of consistently getting the ball back across the net. It's not that hard to figure out. Unless you can return the ball consistently, you'll never be able to seize an opportunity to put it out of reach of your opponent. Consistency and "putting it where he ain't" are not mutually exclusive.

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    practice hitting all your strokes with a ball machine or a hitting partner. Also, play practice matches with players around the same level so you have an idea what the competition will be like come "showtime". During tennis tryouts, you either have to hit balls fed by the coach or play matches against other kids. Chances are, if there are more kids than spots available on the team that are the same level as you then you will be competing with them for playing time. If you are not already doing so, play some local tennis tournaments. Not only will you get match experience for the high school season but you will show the coach that you are working hard to improve your game. The coach might put you in the match over someone else because you have more match experience and a higher ranking. Have fun and good luck!!!

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    well most players on the high school tennis team in my community have been playing for much more then a year, but if you know how to spin a ball that should help you

    since your fast think about track or a running team/club

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    What Doc S said is good advice. You can beat most players by just being consistent. Keep hitting the ball back deep in the court. Look for weaknesses in your opponent. Most young players have a weak backhand for instance. As you improve, you can start going for bigger shots.

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    Make them run side to side. They'll get tired and desperate. Even if at first the match is tight, eventually they'll give in. Also, some people are very uncomfortable at the net. Pull them to mid court with a short ball every now and then. They'll most likely run in to get to the ball, and run back to get to the baseline, wasting a lot of energy. It'll be frustrating for them and you'll win.

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    Just relax, and play your game. Don't worry about impressing the coach with a booming forehand that will soar out 90% of the time, just hustle and make your shots, because thats what they want to see. Make sure, you focus on getting better, don't get over confident, and when a coach corrects you, next time through, take their advice and show them that your interested in learning new aspects of the game. You got it man, just have some fun.

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    Definitely go with consistency, getting as many balls back as possible. Many today feel the way to be successful is over hitting the ball, meaning with power. Power is fine and at times needed, but if one cant keep the ball in play while hitting with power, and not commit so many errors, whats the point.

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    Hit high balls. Young players who do not have enough experience will not have any patience, and will try to rip every single one of those balls. But, they don't have the skills to do that either and thererfore will keep giving you easy points. Very annoying too.

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    yea man im first seed on my team. if you want to take advantage of them just hit it to there backhand everysingle time and then come to tha net and slam it. Always works on less experienced. Since your fast you should be able to get to a lob over your head very easily. Good luck on tryouts. Our practice started yesterday

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    Forget drop shots. teenagers can run down short balls and the hard courts make the ball bounce too high. Keep the ball deep at both corners of the opponets court with lots of top spin.

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