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JJ Redick should play more?

Do you think JJ should be able to play more minutes or atleast get a starting spot?

In my opinion, JJ is too good of a player to just sit on the bench and not show his potential. He is still a young guy but if the Magic are not going to play him than why have him?

He is a pure shooter and with stats like he had in his NCAA career he deserves atleast a lot more minutes or a starting spot on a team, no matter what team it is. He could even play for the Knicks or something!! They should give him a chance cause I think he could make a big difference!

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    JJ can shoot the ball I dont think anybody would dispute that, but I hate to say it because I respect this kid a whole lot with all that BS he went through at Duke he is a bad defender does not have great handles, and is not athletic enough to play a bigger role than 4th quarter 3pt shooter.

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    4 years ago

    i've got heard in some month, nevertheless realistically he probable won't get many minutes on the start. Redick's an surprising shooter and a impressive slot in Orlando, yet he has extra components to his interest to polish and he would be rusty after sitting out for see you later. nevertheless, he's a hard worker and has a super style of skill.

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    I agree with you. I mean he is a talented player and he doesn't play that much now that he's in the NBA. When he played for Duke, he was great. The Magic is cooling him off by benching him. I think he should play more often!

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    yah, he was 1 of the best behind the arc shooters in the ncaa, and could bring alot to the nba

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    i agree wel he can fit in the raptors caue they ore d n lik even kapono n ap get ood shot oppoitunities, n we need a wing shooter so redick can fit

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    yes, jj is talented, offensively.but he lacks the defensive skills to play more minutes.that's why he doesn't play often.

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