Mormons: Do you still have the gold plates that an angel gave to Jo Smith?

Probably in a glass case in Utah, right?

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    They're "Mysteriously" gone.

    Heh... Heh. Read them out of a hat. Haw.

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    1 decade ago

    Consider what happened when the plates were around...Joseph Smith was actually talked into lending them to a man, then that part was taken and corrupted by evil men...but God knew that was going to happen so He had it all planned out what Joseph Smith should do...and taught Joseph a very valuable lesson in the process ---trust God, not men.

    If the plates were still on the Earth all that kind of drama would probably still be going on...the plates themselves have been taken from this world...but the words are written in "The Book of Mormon"

    BUT There are many others who saw the plates. The Lord provided a list of MANY witnesses who saw the plates themselves...some even left the Church...but they stayed true to their witness!

    At the beginning of the Book of Mormon:

    The testimony of the Three Witnesses =

    The testimony of the Eight Witnesses =

  • 3 years ago

    The gold plates have been basically chocolate bar wrappers that by some ability entered a time warp, and Joseph Smith got here upon them. between the wrappers says something with regards to the bearer being invited to Willy Wonka's Chocolate production facility.

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    As a matter of fact, they are with the Ark and the covenant, and other relics that have been, ''hidden up into the Lord''!

    Don't blame US, that's just the way God is!! He giveth His word, and then taketh away the proof! We are supposed to have faith!! You remember that, don't you???

    Doesn't bother us though! We are perfectly content to listen to our prophets, and we don't really care what the world thinks!

    The sooner protractors realize this fact, the better! They can save themselves a lot of wear and tear, on the scripture study, and looking for proof, to prove us wrong! In all of that study, maybe some of it will rub off!

    This LDS member, gets a big kick out of reading the stupid, and moronic questions, that these anti Mormons come up with! Because in the long run, all they are doing is making themselves look very small and desperate, in their attempts to make US appear ridiculous!

    So, in answer to your question?, yes, an angel, named Moroni, gave the Golden Plates, to Joseph Smith , for translation! And when they were transcribed, Joseph returned them to Moroni, who took them, and disappeared!

    Strange,? Yes! But true!!

    Source(s): lds
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    They were taken back to heaven after they were translated. But there were eight men who saw them other than Joseph. They all fell away from the church after Smith was murdered, but none of them ever denied having seen them. Even after they fell away, if anyone ever asked them if they'd seen the plates they said that they had.

    Where is Noah's ark? Where is the Ark of the Covenant? Where is Moses' staff? Where is Abraham buried? Where are the biblical Apostles buried? No one knows... it's all based on faith...

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    No. According to the LDS the Angel Moroni came back for them. 2/3 of the plates were not translated so Mormons anticipate their return to earth during the last days.


    Please stop thumbing me down unless I'm rude or say something nonfactual. Anyone acquainted with LDS theology knows that 2/3 of the plates were sealed during translation, and according to "revelation" are to be returned at a later date.

    Source(s): Former LDS.
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    NO we don't...we believe that the Angel Moroni(who gave Joseph the plates) took them back when the translation was done. NExt Question.

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    1 decade ago

    Like anything else in Christianity the proof is given by God through faith and prayer.

    If we had empirical proof of religion faith would no longer be needed, and then there would be no point.

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    nope. Joseph Smith gave them back.

  • dork
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    1 decade ago

    Ha ha!!

    No of course, they've very conveniently lost all proof.

    And Mr. Ignorant Mormon above, yes, the Catholics DO have the Shroud of Turin!!!

    And by the way, there is no doctrine riding on the Shroud of Turin, as there is on the plates in Mormonism.

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    Probably more like in the fantasies of the mormon leaders.

    Mande needs to update his knowledge of the shroud of Turin.

    It has been confirmed a fake, just so you know.

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