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Who's better looking/hottest ?

Just curious, who do you reckon is the best of each three?


Aaron Carter

Hayden Christensen

Daniel Radcliffe


Natalie Portman

Jessica Simpson

Angie Harmen

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    ok thats the order.

    1. Hayden Christensen (hes really cute)

    2. Aaron Carter (he's just a little lower than hayden christensen just because he seems to always be drunk. my opinion)

    3. Daniel Radcliffe (not hot whatsoever. not even cute)

    1.Angie Harmen (shes really pretty)

    2. Jessica Simpson (ahh she's alright)

    3. Natalie Portman (shes just cute)

  • Aaron Carter!!! - He's so hot <3

    Hayden Christensen - He's hot but not as much as Aaron.

    Daniel Radcliffe - I love HP but he's okay.

    Jessica Simpson - She's pretty

    Natalie Portman - She's pretty

    Angie Harmon - She's okay

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    Aaron carter

    Daniel radcliffe

    Angie harmon-she is pretty

  • 1 decade ago

    jessica simpson

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  • 1 decade ago

    hayden & natalie

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well none of those guys

    nick jonas.

  • Emily
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    1 decade ago



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