Y dont parents understand?! me n my boyfriend go to different school, and our parents r over protective?

ok so me and my bf go to different schools so we dont c each other on the weekdays only weekends if out paremts r not being on their periods!

we miss each other soooo much

& our parents r wayyyyy over protective so they barely let us do anything

& u guys cant say we're just kids cuz we're not

we're both 15

n y dont parents understand how much we miss each other?

i mean if they did then we would be able to hang out!

somebody give me some advice plz cuz i cant take it anymore



u need to **** off cuz he's not cheating u mother ******* *** hole

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    honey if you're 15 im sorry to break it to yah but you really are kids...its not until you're at least 20 that you're old enough to have a vague idea of what you want...i understand that you want to see him because i go through the same thing with my boyfrind..between work and college theres not a lot of time left for each other...try hanging out at your house or his so your parents can begin to trust you and know that you guys aren't up to no good and genuinly just miss each other and just want to see each other...maybe then your parents will trust you and allow you guys to see each other more often.

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    Parents are over protective, period. I'm seeing someone who is 18, and her parents are way too over protective (she should be able to do as she pleases at that age and I'm 17 so thats not the problem). I guess you've just got to break your parents into it slowly, and besides, seeing each other at weekends only isn't that bad, at least you get to see each other, if your parents didn't want you seeing each other you wouldn't even get that luxary.

    As I said, break your parents into it, don't suddenly start wanting to do nothing but spend time with your boyfriend, as its not good for a relationship for one, plus going from one extreame to another is a parents worst nightmare, and take it slowly, try convincing your parents to let you see him once a week on like the Wednesday, and work slowly from there, it does get easier.

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    I don't' know your age so it is hard for me to give you any suggestions but if you are under 18 and in America sad to say there is not much that it sounds like you can do... I worry about your safety. Maybe you could speak to a school counselor about it. If you are over 18 then move out and move out of town where you can be with your lover. You will miss your family but if your dad is threatening to kill you ~ he will probably never be understanding of your love. If your family really loves you they would be accepting of your life partners regardless of their sex. Good luck.

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    Why are you guys in diffrent schools? If there close enough to your house try to transfer him or something because then you could see him everyday for 8 houers. I'm not really under standing why your parents won't let you guys hang out but it sounds like there kinda scared to let you go off like that. My parents are like that too. What I did is I sat them down and told them Im not there little girl anymore and its time to set me free. Try talking to them it helps understand booth sides of the story and how you can meet them half way to get more time with your bf.

    Hope this helped.

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    well, you're 15 you say....ya thats still a kid. you can't even drive yet missy! you sound like the typical prissy lil teenager that throws a fit every time they don't get their way. get over it.

    however, if you can, an easy way to spend time with him is to organize group outings or other such events. that way your parents will realize you won't be alone with each other, and they'll be more lenient.

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    15 is the perfect age to get in all sorts of trouble. I will watch my 15year old like a hawk. You will too when you are a parent.

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    15 is not an adult..15 is a young teen..i wondered the same when i was your age...then i had three kids..i did the same to them as my parents did to me...and your parents to you..and if you have any respect at all..you will listen to them and quit telling people to f**k off...that right there shows you are immature

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    im not really understanding, your wondering why they dont let you hang out?

    well because they dont want you to do soemthing youll regret it sucks but every teenager goes threw it.

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    get over it....hes cheating on you...

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