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Who are some famous painters during the enlightenment period?

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    Perhaps the most renowned and highly recognized achievements during the Renaissance in Italy were in the field of the fine arts. During the Middle ages, painters and sculptors tried to give their works a spiritual quality, wanting people to focus on the deep religious meanings of their works of art. They were definitely not concerned with making their artwork look lifelike, as can be depicted by famous artwork of many medieval painters. Renaissance writers wanted to portray the world realistically in a natural state, with life-like people showing real emotions.

    During the early 1300s and 1400s, several particular artisans stood out among the masses. Giotto is considered the first artist to portray nature realistically. He produced many frescoes with characters that showed real emotions and had realistic settings. All Renaissance painters would take after Giotto's work.

    Brunelleschi was the first Renaissance architect to revive the Roman style of architecture. He incorporated arches, columns, and other elements of classic architectue in his famous designs. One of his best known buildings, the Pazzi Chapel in Florence, was the first building to be designed with such elements. Brunelleschi is also credited with the invention of linear perspective, a mathamatical system painters could use to show space and depth on a flat surface.

    Masaccio is most noted for using Brunelleschi's techniques in a series of frescoes designed for the Church of Santa Maria de Carmine in Florence. The scenes in his paintings realistically showed Biblical scenes of drastic emotional intensity.

    The sculptor Donatello was one of the first sculptors that tried to realistically portray the dramatic art form of the human body. His masterpieces include three statues of David, who is portrayed nude as a pure youth after slaying Goliath.

    As time went on into the 1400s and 1500s, three men, Michealangelo, Rapheal, and Leonardo da Vinci dominated the field of the fine arts. Their artwork was refined and masterful, and played a great role in defining the Italian Renaissance.

    Michealangelo is known as probably the greatest artist of the Renaissance, excelling in painting, poetry, sculpture, and architecture. Michealangelo was well known for capturing the essence of the human body, an achievement well sought after in the Renaissance.The list of his achievements is endless, although he is most recognized for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, his infamous statue of David, and The Last Judgement, a painting so powerful, that an observer at the unveiling claimed the Pope fell to his knees and began to pray.(Aston p.147) Rapheal was most noted for his definition of perspective and complicated use of color. One of his greatest works, School of Athens, shows a humanistic influence of classical Greek and Roman models, showing a group of Greek philosophers studying about a group of stone pillars. He is also famous for his superbly detailed paintings of Madonnas, his most revered being The Small Cowper Madonna.

    Finally, there is Leonardo da Vinci, the model of the Renaissance Man, who is someone who excels in all areas of art and science.(Burke p.176) Two of his most famous paintings include the portrait Mona Lisa and his fresco, The Last Supper. He felt strongly about painting and defended his right to create works of art.

    When certain critics at the time called painting the work of a mechanic, Da Vinci retorted, "You have set painting among mechanical arts!... If you call it mechanical because it is by manual work that the hands represent what imagination creates, your writers are setting down with the pen what originates in the mind..."(Burke p.68)

    Da Vinci made detailed drawings of human anatomy and skeletal structure, as he tried to understand how the human body worked. His expertise on this subject matter, recorded in well-documented notebooks, lives on to this day.


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