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Plz Rate this Madden fantasy team?

Starters & 2nd String:

QB:Jeff Garcia, Carson Palmer

HB:L.J(Larry Johnson), Jerious Norwood

FB: Madison Hedgecock

WR-X: Roddy White, Joe Horn

WR-Y: Terrell Owens, Steve Smith(Carolina)

TE: Jason Witten, Alge Crumpler

O-Line:Any good ones

RE: John Abraham, Chris Hovan

LE: Michael Strahan, Patrick Kerney

DT: Albert Hayesworth, Grady Jackson

ROLB: Takeo Spikes, Kawika Mitchell

LOLB: Michael Boley, Kato June

MLB: Ray Lewis, Keith Brooking

RCB: Deangelo Hall, Jason David

LCB: Ronde Barber, Terrence Newman

FS: John Lynch, Ed Reed

SS: Bob Sanders, Lawyer Milloy

P: Andy Lee

K: Morton Andersen

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    That's a wonderful team. I don't actually understand how you could so something like that from a fantasy draft since Reed, Lynch, Sanders, Lewis, Barber are usually taken in the first round with Smith as well.

    You suffer at LOLB, and P/K, but they can all be addressed. You can't trade for the P or K, so its a bit hard to chose those.

    Its a good team though. I don't think its an actual madden team unless you created your own roster.

    Good luck!!

    Edit: Guy below me...

    You can get better than that. He could have Manning, LT, Neal, Johnson, Holt, Harrison, Gates, Peppers, Freeney, K. WIlliams/T. Harris, Merriman, Briggs, Urlacher, Bailey, McAllister, Samuel, Mathis, Lechler, and Vinateri.

    Those are the better players he could have than he has right now.

    Edit: Its not a possible fantasy draft. There are too many of those guys gone in the first 15 picks for it to even happen. Its probably a roster. You can do the unlimited trades thing in the roster, and then carry that over to the dynasty.

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  • 3 years ago

    that's a superb team. i do no longer actual be attentive to the kind you need to so some thing like that from a fantasy draft using fact that Reed, Lynch, Sanders, Lewis, Barber are frequently taken interior the 1st around with Smith besides. You go through at LOLB, and P/ok, yet they could all be addressed. you won't be in a position to commerce for the P or ok, so its somewhat frustrating to chosen those. Its a good team inspite of the shown fact that. i do no longer think of its an unquestionably madden team till you created your guy or woman roster. good success!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Personally, I dont think that you want us to rate ur team at all, you are just bragging to us all of your spectacular team. You cant get any better than this. Arguably the 2 top WRs in the league. Arguably the best TE and RB.. the best LE, RE, and MLB. And Arguably the best RCB, LCB, FS, and SS. Honestly CANNOT get any better than this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    that's a great team but how did you get those many good guys in a draft.

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  • 1 decade ago

    there is no way you can get this team in madden even if you got 1st pick... then you'd have 32nd next round

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  • 1 decade ago


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