What should we do with the 47 million Americans who don't have Health Insurance?

As of 2005, there were 47 million Americans without Health Insurance, 80% of whom were citizens. And in the two year period between 2002 and 2003, 82 Million were without Health Insurance for some period of time.

What should we do?

Ref: http://www.nchc.org/facts/coverage.shtml

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    I have MS. I am only 25 years old. My work requires that you work 30hrs a week to get insearance. Most of the time I am good to go, I love working and I am there when I need to be. But then as is common with MS there are times when just trying to get through a four hour shift is imposiable. So I lost my insearance, since I went under my 30. But I still would have to pay for it. So I don't have insearance. But I also cant go on disablitlity since it is only sometimes that I have a problem. Its hard. Yeah I think that we need a universal health care system, do I think its possiable, not really. Yeah one would have to wait, but I would rather wait 18 months then know that there isn't a think I can do.

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    Deregulate the industry and pass tort reform.

    Ask you parents and grandparents, when they were growing up, everyone could afford to go to the doctor. Then 2 things happened: the government got involved, and monsters like John Edwards began suing doctors for $100 million for the tiniest mistakes. The doctors didn't pay those damages, the insurance companies did, so insurance went up and that cost was passed along to all of us.

    WE DO NOT NEED THE GOVERNMENT TO FIX HEALTH CARE!!!! All we need is to get government out of the business and fix our court system. That's it.

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    On a federal level? Nothing.

    On a state level, well, states can do whatever they want.

    California has an economy bigger than Spain or Canada. If they want public healthcare, they can do it there. Other states can form partnerships. Different area will need different things. No need for a federal, one size fits all solution

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    As the richest nation on the face of the earth, it's time to step up and provide Health Care for these American citizens.

    I can understand why the tax payer does not want to cover illegal immigrants, and they should not be covered.

    They should increase federal taxes on smoking and Alcohol in order to add additional revenue.

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    We should deregulate business.

    This will make investments profitable.

    Demand for workers will prop up wages and unemployment rate will be low.

    Competition for workers will also force employers to provide health insurance benefits, or pay premium on wage and let employees buy their own insurance.

    There is opposite approach outlined by Karl Marx in Communist Manifesto. Marx frankly was serious economist (unlike clowns you see every day on TV), only when he acted on emotion instead of his own economic theories he produces such idiotic papers as CM.

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    It sucks if they can't afford it. But we do have Medicaid for people who need help.

    The socialized health care plan trumpeted by some democrats and republicans simply does not work. Research some of the stories of people from the UK and Canada who wait months for surgeries. One 108 yr old woman in the UK has to wait 18 MONTHS for a hearing aid. I hope she hasn't died yet.

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    check out the fiasco in Mass when they tried that. everyone who didn't have health insurance was forced to buy it even if they didn't want it, and it was counterproductive to the economy.

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    First find out why they do not have health insurance.

    If it is for lack of confidence with the system, reform it.

    It is for lack of money to afford it, provise them with healthcare they can afford.

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    Urge them to vote for Hillary.

    Follow this link:


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    Garnish their wages and give them insurance.

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