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Is this Baltimore Cop acting professionally?


here is the story if you can't view youtube videos

Update 2:


Baltimore City Police Officer Suspended after You Tube Video Surfaces A police officer shown on a YouTube video berating and roughly handling a skateboarder at the Inner Harbor was suspended on Monday.

The incident involving Officer Salvatore Rivieri, a 17-year-old veteran, is the subject of an internal affairs investigation, said Sterling Clifford, a spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department and the mayor's office.

"The entire incident raised red flags for all of the members of the command staff who watched the video," Clifford told The (Baltimore) Sun.

The video, apparently shot last summer, shows Rivieri putting the youth, 14-year-old Eric Bush, into a headlock and pushing him to the ground.

At one point on the video, Rivieri said, "Obviously, your parents don't put a foot in your butt quite enough, because you don't understand the meaning of respect. First of all, you better learn how to speak. I'm not 'man.' I'm not 'dude,' I am Officer Rivieri."


Update 3:

Rivieri told The Sun on Sunday that he did not know that the incident had been recorded or posted on the Internet. He acknowledged having encounters with skateboarders at the Inner Harbor, where skateboarding is banned, last summer, and told a reporter that he would watch the video on YouTube.

After he was suspended on Monday, Rivieri said, "I have no comment. Thank you." Clifford said Monday afternoon that Mayor Sheila Dixon had not seen the video, but that its contents had been described to her and that she was "very displeased."

"We have invested a lot of time and energy in having better relations between the community and the police," Clifford said. "The bad behavior of one police officer can jeopardize a lot of hard work."

Paul Blair, head of the police union, had not seen the video but warned that videos show only part of a story. He said that it is impossible to know what happened before or after the camera was turned on.

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    It's a set up. The camera doesn't show the punk until after he's sitting with the exception of when the officer took the skateboard. These kids set out to get under the officers skin and unfortunately succeeded. Just another group of entitled punks who really haven't had a good boot to the butt often enough.

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    Cops do do a job that others wouldn't. No one forced them to it, they chose it. The reasons for choosing this particular profession vary widely I'm sure. The high school strutters that NEEDED to bully, the ones NEEDING to show-off, the ones most people never liked due to the unfounded arrogance ..... those become cops. ALL new additions to the police force in my hometown in my early to mid-twenties comprised of these characters. Granted, this is coming from growing up in a place far smaller than Baltimore, but I'm sure the conditions are similar most everywhere. No, I didn't learn who they were by routinely being arrested, simply by remembering names and faces. This pig, I suspect, is just that type person with that type attitude and that type need.

    Paul Blair stated "videos show only part of a story"......that can be true. I'm sure he'd rather the video not shows only the kids & the cop and what I'm guessing was MOST of the encounter. It's not as though any of it would be admissable in a court of law is it? Want respect for being a cop? Act like a respectable cop. Blow up when they called you 'dude'? That relegates you to the 'pig farm'. Kids are impressionable, it's the nature of how we all are when young. Most kids don't like cops, think this may explain why? Perhaps you personally don't and think that youth simply question authority, fine, it would be an accurate statement. In no way did this pig have grounds to assault this kid, and that's what it was, assault. He never placed the kid under arrest first of all. Second, there's no law against 'talking-back' to an officer, just don't curse or touch them. Third, where's this pigs notion that there's cause or a right for him to take the board away? Sure, he's upset, but that's not reason, it's illegal seizure of private property. Had they continued to skate? If not, they were pedesrians. This pig is on leave, with or without pay? He would ot have treated an adult in this manner and NEVER WOULD HAVE CONSIDERED IT IF THE PARENTS HAD BEEN THERE! He has no business with any job that provieds him authority over others, end of story.

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    He is way out of line. I do not care if the kids were working to "get under his skin" or not. He is a cop, and he should be held to standards much higher than the rest of society. His job, no matter how tough or how "disrespectful" a 14 year old kid is being is to act professional and always ALWAYS set an example. If it were my kid that he was speaking to like that, my first call would be to the department, then next to every news service around, then to my attorneys. Cops like this give every good and decent cop a bad name and image and makes their jobs that much more difficult. I hope that every good cop in the Baltimore Police Department is giving this guy a ration and letting him know how he is making their life tougher. Rivieri should be fired. He shouldnt even be allowed to be a security guard. Profesionalism - without it, he is just an ***...not a cop.

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    Acting professionally? Let's analyze this:

    A couple of kids call him 'dude' -- and mr. cop blows a gasket -- c'mon, mr. officer, put your testosterone on ice, and get over yourself already.

    The headlock, the throwdown, then pushing a 14-year old kid down again, a kid clearly less than half his size, posing NO physical threat to the officer or anyone. NO possible justification WHATSOEVER for ANY of that. If I did that to my son when he 'dissed' me in public, I'd (very rightfully) be charged with child abuse.

    Telling the kids that 'their parents don't put a foot up their butt enough' -- a cop not only quick to resort to violence himself, but advocating corporal punishment?

    Telling the kids that if they call him 'dude' once more, he'll 'smack them'? Perhaps I'm not totally informed on the matter, but when exactly do officers have this right assigned to them?

    Asking to speak to one of the kids' mother -- gee, do you think this wonderful cop would tell the mother EXACTLY what happened? yeah, right.

    At the very end of the recording, you can clearly hear mr. 'dude' rivieri asking if that's a camera -- and saying 'I better not see this' (then it's cut off) -- sure sounds like a threat to me....

    The sad thing is hearing so many people defend this abusive, arrogant idiot -- it's clear, watch the video -- he's a CRIMINAL. And he deserves to be treated like one. I sincerely hope the kids' families have lawyers lined up and ready. I'm so glad this idiot was CAUGHT RED-HANDED, and that it is posted for the world to see. If more incidents such as this are recorded, perhaps the Baltimore police department would take it more seriously, and officers such as mr. rivieri would think twice before abusing their authority.

    Professionally? you've got to be kidding -- he deserves to be FIRED, CHARGED, CONVICTED, and SUED. Anything less would be a travesty. C'mon Baltimore City, DO THE RIGHT THING.

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    The kid's a momma's boy. If I had spoken to a cop that way my old man would have done worse to me than this officer did to the kid here. I have two sons and if one of mine did this I'd let them have it, too, and also make them write a letter to the officer to apologize for being disrespectful and calling him "dude."

    Now the kid is a big victim and he and momma (who has a different last name, so we can assume his dad isn't in the home) gets in TV interviews with him and enables his behavior and victimhood. Great.

    It is well-documented that fatherless homes are overly permissive, it is one of the reasons fatherless boys have so many problems as adults. This officer was doing the kid a long term favor. The kid wasn't hurt--he had his precious little ego bruised, so what!? Get back up, brush yourself off and be a man you little crybaby!

    I also live just outside Baltimore City and I'm going to contact the police union and urge them to support their member.

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    Obviously the cop knows he's doing wrong. Theres nothing illeagal in video taping cops; (even cops have dash cams and such) however, at the end of the video, the cop says is that camera on? and i can hear him say "if i find myself on that ......" in a ****** tone and then the clip ends.

    Im only answering the question because of all the "people who think they know it all" sayin that the clip is a setup.

    Clearly the officer did not want the camera on, and for what reason? Guilt. He knew he was not professional.

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    I think he's an a hole, however...

    Its a total setup, and the kids admit to it. Besides, cops are trained to take control of situations by yelling and asserting themselves in this manner no matter what the demographic is.

    Bush said he did not hear the officer's orders to stop skateboarding because he was wearing headphones. The teenager said he and his friends often have run-ins with police for skateboarding. Santo said he sometimes uses a camcorder to tape the interactions with police because they find humor in getting yelled at by officers.

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    I don't think we're seeing everything, obviously those punks set the officer up just for a little bit of internet fame. Nice. They have no respect for the job that man does day in and day out. Who is it that runs towards the bad guys when all hell breaks loose? Him, not the punks trying to make him look bad. Way to thank the men and women who put their lives on the line every day so everyone else can go home and get a good night's sleep.

    When those kids have raced to a call only to get there just a few minutes too late and have someone die in their arms, then they can whine about their skateboards getting taken away.

    He's an officer of the law, trained and sworn to put himself in the line of fire to protect even punks like that. He deserves more respect than "dude".

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    The kids were elite punks? It was a set up? You have to be kidding me. The officer was completely out of line and by the responses and the tone of those kids they were not punks. This is what happens when ego and authority get tangled up. He obviously feels his badge permits him to use aggressive force without provocation. This is not surprising at all, it just surfaces more often because of camera phones and other recording devices. The kid assaulted should be given an apology by the police department or the humiliation and assault suffered.

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    A set up? why would they wanna set him up? it started at the cop coming up to them for at the most few 14 year olds skating in the harbor. the cop handle this very bad, he should have done better. i think he was being an asshole, it happens a lot in Baltimore, if u live here u kno what i mean. there was no need to wrestle the kid to the ground they may have been a couple of punk skaters but he ****** up. he did get suspended for this and i think thats what it should be.

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