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Football teams?

How can a football team be called say:-

Newcastle when not a single player is a Geordie...

in fact most arent even English and cant even speak our language.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Football is no longer a sport..the participants are more like actors..they are bought for their looks and build more than football skill...they can writhe in agony from the merest tap..their acting skills match the most well known they aren't athletes at all....over paid softy namby pambys...

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  • Football has now moved from that .We are Majomela rising stars fc but our players are not all originating from Majomela even Nongoma [South africa] because if you only prefer those from Newcastle only ,you may end up playing in conference league. Do what the Romans do to survive in this changing world. We are also concerned about that.

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