What's it called when the military uses words "Charley" to say the letters "c"?

I'm sure you've all heard in a movie where there are some initials like SGC and instead of just saying "SGC" they use words for each letter "Serra Gulf Charley". What is this system called and is there a standard set of words used for this? A website explaining this? Thanks for your help!

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    NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    In the militaries of all NATO nations, a series of world-renowned call letters and numbers are used to clearly transmit and receive verbal messages of the spelling of certain names or other information. Also, these call letters and numbers are given as titles to certain teams or territories so no mistakes of specifics become present. (i.e. Bravo Team, Sector Echo) The main purpose is simplicity along with easy pronunciation. Sometimes the misspelling of any data can have catastrophic consequences.

    Substitute the following words for each letter of the word. Note the specific pronunciations.

    A Alpha Al-fah

    B Bravo Brah-voh

    C Charlie Char-lee

    D Delta Dell-tah

    E Echo Eck-oh

    F Foxtrot Foks-trot

    G Golf Golf

    H Hotel Hoh-tel

    I India In-dee-ah

    J Juliet Jew-lee-et

    K Kilo Key-loh

    L Lima Lee-mah

    M Mike Mike

    N November No-vem-ber

    O Oscar Oss-car

    P Papa Pah-pah

    Q Quebec Keh-beck

    R Romeo Row-me-oh

    S Sierra See-air-rah

    T Tango Tang-go

    U Uniform Yoo-nih-form

    V Victor Vik-tore

    W Whiskey Wiss-key

    X Xray Ecks-ray

    Y Yankee Yang-key

    Z Zulu Zoo-loo

    1 One Wun

    2 Two Too

    3 Three Tree

    4 Four Fow-er

    5 Five Fife

    6 Six six

    7 Seven Sev-en

    8 Eight Ait

    9 Niner Nin-er

    0 Zero Zee-ro

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    NATO phonetic alphabet.


    try this website.

    You can also get some info on wikipedia.

    NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    Letter phonetic letter

    A Alpha

    B Bravo

    C Charlie

    D Delta

    E Echo

    F Foxtrot

    G Golf

    H Hotel

    I India

    J Juliet

    K Kilo

    L Lima

    M Mike

    N November

    O Oscar

    P Papa

    Q Quebec

    R Romeo

    S Sierra

    T Tango

    U Uniform

    V Victor

    W Whiskey

    X X-ray

    Y Yankee

    Z Zulu

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  • Janet
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    Revelation 16:14 uses Battle/war and doesn't use the name Har Maggedon. Could the scribe have had this in mind when rendering verse 16 and made a minor error by putting 'war' instead of 'place' when translating from Greek to Coptic? Maybe he was interrupted while doing verse 16 and came back and thought he was still on verse 14 and remembered that the coptic word for war belongs there. We should not assume that the ancient translators were inspired and above error. In any event we know it is a figurative 'place'.

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  • SKCave
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    It's called the Phonetic Alphabet and is used for radio communication. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Gulf. Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November. Oscar, Papa, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whisky,

    X-ray,Yankee, Zulu.

    Hope this helps.

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    It's hard to understand single letters of the alphabet over a radio, so the military came up with names for all of the letters.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Phonetic alphabet. There is a standar set of words.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it's called a phonetic alphabet, and it has varied in the US through the years, and also varies in different countries.

    here are some information pages:



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