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Sales assistant in London?

Hi guys, I really hope you can help me somehow.

I've been looking for a job here in London for 2weeks or more maybe. I gave about 40 cvs in restaurants, cafes, shops and libraries. Only 2 shops in Camden called me for one day of training, but nver called me back even if I received good feedback from the managers. I gave my cvs in regent street, oxford street, leicester square, Camden town, piccadilly, Covent garden ... I really don't know what else to do. I'd like to work as a shop assistant, but now everything is suitable ... Could anyone of you suggest me something please? I'm graduated, I worked as nanny, as waitress, as shop girl and I'm from Italy, if you have any idea please write. Thank u so much

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    keep seeing newspaper early in morning and if you see any vacicies and if it suits for you then dial the number ASAP. If you are interested to work in nepal then just email.

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    Hi there, you could look on for jobs in the London area, or perhaps get in touch with one or two agencies.

    Good luck!!

  • Anonymous
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    Keep trying, persistence pays off.

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