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In your view, what is the greatest mystery of life? (Short crisp answers would be much appreciated)?

A very broad question.... please just feel free to put up whatever thought first comes to your mind.... I hope, a large collection of short answers here would certainly make for a very interesting perusal by anyone,

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    Is there intelligent life on Earth?

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    Even at present, in this last decade of the 2oth Century, marking the end of the second millenium, and the beginning of the third, men still ask the same, most fundamental, of questions: What is the meaning of life? What is happiness? What is truth? Why is it that the superlative, supercolossal strides, advances and successes of science and technology, and all studies designed for the betterment of human living, men and nations of the world over are still acutely suffering from unending justices, population explosion, extreme poverty of famine, continuous fear and exploitation, rampant graft and corruption, wanton vioations of human rights, abominal criminality, pollution and diseases of all kinds - problems of man become global in scope, apalling and apocalyptic in perspective and at present stand acutely pressing for solutions. These are all a herculean task for us humans. With that, i consider the above-mentioned statements to be the greatest mystery of life.

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    A secret does not unavoidably could desire to have an answer, a secret can in simple terms be what that's "a secret"; no one knows. One purely seeks for an answer whilst one desires to be attentive to the secret and not any different way around. A Christian believes in searching for the solutions first using fact having faith interior the secret the solutions would be revealed and so will persist with the certainty of the secret. The Holy Bible is our secret however the solutions given to us by ability of Our Lord and Jesus Christ interior the Holy be conscious will show the secret of God. those with the Holy Spirit not at all provide up thinking and searching for the certainty till God makes it His Will. AMEN! GOD BLESS! SHALOM!

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    When you are young, everything is a mystery.

    At present I consider the origin of life to be the greatest mystery. If we go with chaotic origins (vrs divine) How does one get a ribosome? (i.e. the cells DNA reader) The ribosome is an extremely complex protein that allows DNA (via RNA) to create proteins. But the only way to make a ribosome is to run DNA instructions for making a ribosome through a ribosome. Think of it as a microscopic chicken egg problem. ;-)

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    Jan Stolz and friends...

    Why do some people think there's a definitive answer for everything and they just have to be found when it's painfully obvious that those answers would only raise more questions? We have far more mysteries than solutions, which is... mysterious.

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    What a very great question, but to my understanding, the greatest mysery of life is the greatest mistake u might ever make which has heavilly damaged oneself. So it cannot be very much precised so it highly depend on the situation u find urself into.

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    Even though there are some scientific explanations available, I still wonder how does this happen. This is mysterious. Why doesn't one see the continuation of a yesterday's dream today, like a TV serial.

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    1) Mental events.

    The fact that we are not just robots that act to survive but that we actuallt "feel" pain and enjoyment.

    2) Ultimate causation. I.e. what started everything.

    3) Temporal Relativity. E.g. Our space-time frame and therefore our time did not exists "prior" to "Big Bang"

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    There is no mystery! We are born of no choice, live with some choice, and die without choice!

    There's a tendency of some to view life as "fascinating" or "mysterious"; I seen none.

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