What is the relationship between meditation, spirituality and religion?

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    It's not simply a question of side-by-side definitions. They are vaguely related, but different facets of "worship".

    Spirituality is a general connection to, or relationship with, the the non-human forces of the world. The foce might be called God. Nature. Chi. Or dozens of other things. There are thousands of approaches to exploring it, some more structured and some less. Some are more independent and unique, and some are more established and reflective of cultural development. All have one in common -- de-emphasis of the corporeal, physical and the mundane.

    Meditation is simply a single, specific technique, which involves "actively" relaxing and clearing away the external thoughts and feelings that keep you from understanding who you are at the core. Meditation can also be the contemplation of an object, a person, or any other subject. It's basically the focussed, "intense" concentration that allows for clarity. Sometimes, it's devoid of a particular subject and serves simply to cleanse the mind. As such, it's not necessarily connected to religion per se, but can be generally considered a form of spirituality.

    Religion is the most structured, culturally dependent framework, where the "rules" and goals are externally dictated and contains some notion of morals, ethics, and reward/punishment. Ideally, religion includes both spirituality and some element of meditation. But neither is necessarily at its core.

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    Realizing the God through intelligence and reasoning.


    Systematic way of taking the mind away from material and turn it to the Self. In other word, once mind is away from material, automatically it turns to the divine side.


    Religion describes the simplified method by God or spiritual teacher so that ordinary people also can do prayer or meditation simple way. The only drawback of this is sometime people started hating nonbeliever.

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    Meditation is the quieting of the mind in order to percieve spiritual principals. Spirituality is those principals put into action. Religion is a spiritual principal which is chosen and subsequently governed by doctrine. Take care, and may God bless.

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    Religion is the divine school of God teaching men all things, such as the Revelation of Moses, the Revelation of Christ, the Revelation of Muhammad...

    All the qualities relating to the Holy Spirit are spirituality, such as love, trustworthiness, justice, forgiveness, generosity...

    Constant thinking based on the sacred verses to develop spirituality is meditation.

    In the daily life, the believer of a religion prays, for example: "O God guide me, protect me, illumine the lamp of my heart and make me a shining lamp."

    By meditating, the believer realizes that God is protecting him from temptations, guiding Him on the Right Path, and causing him to concentrate on helping unfortunate people. And his virtues continue develop like a shining lamp.

    The more we read the sacred verses, meditate and practice, the more we will advance spiritually under the guidance of the One Ture God.


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    Both meditation and spirtituality are very small part of religion and religion is a very small part of D'een(Like Islam).

    Meditation is to control oneself

    Spirtuality is to keep you inner feeling high

    Religion is about One's relation with human kind, with the creations and the Creator


    D'een is like a RTDSSFJL(Real time decision support system for Judgeable Lifeforms(Including Human Being))

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    Meditation is psychological tool. Spirituality is a search for a role in life. Religion is a belief in something invisible which cannot be verified.

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    The difference, within the fundamental, is that religion as a rule tries to well known that there is an overarching fashioned creative non secular force, mainly known as God (the daddy of our non secular nature). One purpose of this consciousness is to prevent self-aggrandisement ie., the ego, considering it is bigger than it really is - an easy pitfall. Another is to offer because of this inventive force, and yet another to suppose it has a reference to more than our earthly existence. Briefly, it would be mentioned that faith is truly no longer man made, whereas 'spirituality' fails to realize this non artificial (greater than man) force for excellent. The drawback is, that man usually desires to mis-use religion for its possess intent and so the true 'faith' will get an extraordinarily dangerous status which is in general no longer noticeable by way of. It is man who covers the genuine nature of faith, simply as man ought to uncover it, if he so wants. But option is paramount.

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    meditation= self awareness personal

    spiritual= connecting with the universe

    religion= send check to big church

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    They all have to do with taking a journey. Meditation is a journey within one self's psyche. Spirituality is a journey to connect with the Universe and a general notion of the Divine. Religion is a journey to connect with an established form of the Divine.

    Blessed Be )O(

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    They can all be related --

    religion is bible and church oriented --

    by meditation, one can enter the silence of mind, thereby entering the 'spiritual' world -- becoming one with the universal mind.

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