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conjuntive itis / pink eye?

how many days or weeks before do you actually catch "pink eye" before it appears. and how can it be caught?

My 2 month old son has it at the moment, but we havent been anywhere in the last week, although this morning he has come out with it?. ive washed all our sheets, pillow cases and clothes as i do not want it to spread and we have bathed his eye about 3 times today with warm salty water.\

can anyone tell me how long ago he would have picked this up, id like to track it back to where he would have gotten it from?

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    You can get pink eye from blowing your nose and then rubbing your eye. You don't always get it from someone else, sometimes you get it from the cold you have. Just have everyone wash their hands like they should be anyhow. That's the most important part of hygiene so you don't spread colds and flu....and pink eye. Pink eye is not caught from "dirty people" like some people believe.

    Source(s): My grand daughters doctor.
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    depending on the type of bacteria the incubation period is from 24-72 hours before the onset of symptoms but, it can be as long as five days. The most important thing to do to prevent it from spreading it to other family members is to wash your hands immediately after touching his eye. It is highly contagious and it spreads from people touching their eyes, not washing their hands and touching someone else who then likely touches their eyes.

    you can get polysporin eye/ear drops at any pharmacy ... follow the directions on the bottle and you should see improvement within 24 hours ... I am not sure wether they are safe for infants ... you should see his pediatrician if it does not go away soon and dont be surprised if it does not go away with the salt water solution.

    It will be very difficult to track when and where he got it from.

    but, he likely was introduced to the bacteria that caused the pink eye around 2-3 days ago.

    Hope this helps

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    The incubation period for conjunctivitis (the length of time between when someone gets infected and when the symptoms actually appear) depends on what's causing it, but typically ranges from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. check the link below for causes and treatments of Conjunctivitis

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