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1.Should any Supplier’s products become, or in xxx company's opinion be likely to become, the subject of a claim of infringement, Supplier shall modify the infringing parts so that Supplier’ products shall no longer be infringement without substantially impairing their function or performance, or procure the license, at its own cost, from the third party so that the xxx company's shall be entitled to use, sell and distribute the xxx company's products. If Supplier is unable to do the foregoing after reasonable efforts, then the Supplier shall refund the license fee or payment received from xxx company and be liable for the damages and loss incurred by xxx company resulting from such infringement.

2.Supplier shall be committed to ethical conduct and respect for human rights. SUPPLIER shall comply with the internationally recognized social and ethical standards and conventions, in accordance with the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation’s Conventions and any xxx companys customers’ supplier requirements as provided by xxx company. xxx company has the right to audit Supplier’s performance at Supplier’s facilities. Upon the request of xxx company, Supplier shall adopt appropriate corrective actions for Supplier’s any non-conforming. Supplier shall further monitor the ethical performance of its subcontractors and take immediate and thorough actions in cases where their ethical performance is questioned.

3.(iii)Supplier has sole discretion and control over the defense of such claim and all negotiations for a settlement or compromise, and will not be liable for any settlement unless the settlement is compromised and agreed by Supplier in writing;

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    1.如果任一個供應商的產品適合, 或以xxx 公司的觀點可能成為, 違反要求的主題, 供應商將修改違犯的零件如此供應商' 產品沒有長期將是違反沒有極大地削弱他們的作用或表現, 或獲得執照, 在它自己的費用, 從第三方如此xxx 公司的將有資格使用, 賣和分佈xxx 公司的產品。如果供應商無法做前面在合理的努力以後, 供應商將退還牌照費或付款被收到從xxx 公司和然後將是對損傷和損失負責由xxx 公司招致起因於這樣的違反。

    2.供應商將做對道德品行和尊重人權。供應商將依從國際上被認可的社會並且道德標準和大會, 與聯合國的世界人權宣言和國際勞工組織的大會和任何xxx companys 顧客的供應商要求符合由xxx 公司xxx 公司如所提供有權利驗核供應商的表現在供應商的設施。根據xxx 公司請求, 供應商將採取適當的懲治行為為供應商的任何non-conforming 。供應商將促進監測它的轉承包商道德表現和採取直接和徹底的行動在他們的道德表現對表示懷疑處。

    3.(iii)Supplier 單一謹慎和掌握這樣的要求和所有交涉防禦為解決或妥協, 和不會是對任一解決負責除非解決由Supplier 減弱和同意在文字。

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