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is there away to get a mcd and wendys nuggets recipe online?

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    first of all, those contain added flavoring chemicals that you can't buy in retail.

    however: you can make something much healthier and better tasting using the following method:

    buy skinless boneless chicken pieces (thighs work best but you can also use breast meat as well). If you can't find it in pieces, just buy the skinless boneless and cut them in pieces with a knife.

    then, dip each piece in beaten egg, and roll it in a plateful of freshly ground breadcrumbs. then fry in butter (olive oil or bacon/sausage grease work too, but butter is best).

    if you try this, i bet you'll never even visit another ff chain again! :)

    Source(s): experience! oh, and about 3 different sicilian cookbooks.
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    I was searching for mcdonalds chicken nugget recipe not too long ago and I found one where all these people had rated as great and 5 stars and everything, it was supposed to be like mcd's. So I made it and it was horrible. I figured it was just bad luck so I wasted more chicken to make it again and got the same results, so I passed the recipe around everyone got the same results as mine...horrible and not at all like mcd's. I got the recipe from cdkitchen because I tried another one of their recipes from Panda Express and it was perfect. Anyways...if you find a recipe for mcd's chicken nuggets that calls for milk eggs and corn flakes I wouldn't waste your time. ;) good luck.

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    There probably isn't a way to get them at all. Commercial recipes tend to be proprietary.

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