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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesLas Vegas · 1 decade ago

has vegas put odds up on who is the least likely?

team win world series and what the odds?

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    WORLD SERIES ODDS: Tigers not the favorites to win it all; Red Sox picked to repeat

    January 30, 2008


    Following are the odds on Major League Baseball teams to win the World Series from Las Vegas Sports Consultants, which advises casino sports books on odds for sporting events.

    Boston Red Sox 9-2

    New York Mets 5-1

    New York Yankees 11-2

    Los Angeles Angels 15-2

    Detroit Tigers 8-1

    Cleveland Indians 10-1

    Chicago Cubs 10-1

    Atlanta Braves 16-1

    Milwaukee Brewers 18-1

    Arizona Diamondbacks 18-1

    Philadelphia Phillies 20-1

    Toronto Blue Jays 20-1

    Colorado Rockies 22-1

    San Diego Padres 22-1

    Los Angeles Dodgers 22-1

    St. Louis Cardinals 28-1

    Seattle Mariners 35-1

    Minnesota Twins 40-1

    Houston Astros 40-1

    Cincinnati Reds 55-1

    Chicago White Sox 60-1

    Oakland Athletics 65-1

    San Francisco Giants 85-1

    Texas Rangers 100-1

    Florida Marlins 125-1

    Baltimore Orioles 150-1

    Kansas City Royals 150-1

    Pittsburgh Pirates 150-1

    Tampa Bay Rays 150-1

    Washington Nationals 200-1

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Remeber that these odds change by the day. Caesars Palace is the best place to find the line for betting. Most follow what they post.

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