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Can you create an enchanting story that includes these?? (for creative fun ONLY...I'm WAY past H.W.!!)?

1) What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

2) I've been sweet talked before...

3) Love STINKS!!

4) The music, the mood, the was all_______.

5) The long and winding road.

6) I inhaled the scent of his was saying__________

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Miss Kitty sat at the table in the far corner of the Long Branch....The LONELY table, as she had once dubbed it. Speaking/singing to no one in particular, but overheard by a tableful of cowhands from the Triple H Double Bar Single Digits Spa and Dude Ranch :

    ♫ " Love bites. Love aches. Those fights. Those make-up and break-ups." *sob*

    (3)"Love .........STINKS !!♫ "

    One of the cowhands, mesmerized by her off-key singing and obvious intoxicated state, wandered over.

    Cowhand:"Howdy, maam. (1) What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? Whyyyyyyyy......This here third-rate bar ain't no place for a woman sech as yooooooou."

    Kitty looked up and wiped the drool from her lips:" I happen to OWN this establishment, sonny."

    The cowhand, embarassed, deftly changed the subject.

    Cowhand:" Maam....My name is ....."

    Kitty:"I don't give a rat's *** if your name is CUPID !!! (2) I've been sweet talked before.....HEARTACHE!! THAT'S ALL IT BRINGS......... Just..... heartache."

    Kitty continued drinking and by the end of the day, needed to be carried upstairs by Festus and Sam.

    Sam grabbed his aching back:"Festus.....(5) The long and winding road up those stairs under this weight has caused my spine to tingle..... I'm gonna find Doc .....MAN! She ain't no 'fly-weight!' "

    Kitty, even in her drunken state, was aware of his commentary of her poundage.

    Kitty: "Sam....You wimp! You scoundrel. Get your tingling back outta my sight!!"

    As Festus was preparing to leave, Kitty started talking in "tongues."

    Kitty: "Oh, Lord.....Oh Father........ Your son Matt broke my heart. I think he's a Pharisee. Shall we do away with him AND that moron he dumped me, for?! Huh? Shall we?!

    Sing halleluia . Sing it loud. Sing .....sing....... sing........." Her voice trailed off.

    Festus was dumbfounded by this ourburst. He sat, transfixed, playing with his spurs.

    All of a sudden Kitty screeched out :" (4) The music, the mood, the was all .....HE was EVERYTHING I had ever hoped for !!!

    Matt is an ADONIS!'s a Pharisee....... A damn CUTE Pharisee.....But a .........♫ Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam, and a place where Sunshine can't follow.

    That moron done ruin my whole dang life. She's caused me eNORmous sorrooooooooooow♫"

    Festus jumped so high, his squinted right eye completely shut!

    Kitty swung her head around and stared at him. Festus crossed his legs and began to cower.

    Kitty:"(6 ) I inhaled the scent of his was saying........

    'Oh, Kitty......Oh my dear...... I know you've waited for me ALL these long years......I am yours....YOURS !' "

    Kitty straightened her bodice before continuing.

    "And now.....and now he LEFT me.....He LEFT me for that imbecile from Virginia !!!"

    Festus inched his way toward the door......."Yes I know, Miss Kitty. What's up with THAT ?"

    Kitty rubbed her chin and began to speak in Egyptian:

    " Ana mish fahem. Ohhhhhhhh, Matt.......أنا أحبك . "

    Festus left as quickly and as quietly as possible.

  • frodo
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    1 decade ago

    Standing next to him, I inhaled the scent of his cologne... it was saying (6) “I’m available...are you?” Since it was just the two of us in the elevator, it was inevitable that we would grow to know each other a bit better while repairmen worked to free us from our cage which had been caught between floors for the past half hour.

    He spoke first, “I couldn’t help noticing you...” His grey eyes danced as he spoke, raising them from my chest to look into mine. I lowered my eyes to look at his left hand. “...What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” he continued.

    “Of course I used this elevator every day. It’s the only way to get from our office to the parking garage”, I thought. If the elevator went into freefall would he take me in his arms?”

    “It is fortunate that we just at the basement level. I think we may be just seven feet off the bottom” he added.

    He never spoke to me before, but now he was attempting a little humor to ease my worries. We both knew it was almost eight feet. I had been sweet talked before, (2) but never in such a perilous situation. Unchained Melody was softly playing over the speakers. The danger, the music, the mood, the man, was all (4) overwhelming. I could feel myself ready to give myself to him.

    The elevator moved. The repairmen had done their job. We would be freed from our prison in a few more moments. I wanted to say, “Just one kiss before we part.” But I just sighed.

    “I’ll be glad to be out of here” he said, “I imagine you will too”

    “Love STINKS!!” (3) I almost said aloud. Now, instead of an intimate, candleight dinner, I was going to get my car and at the end of the long and winding road home (6) there would be waiting for me, a gallon of double chocolate ice cream and my cat.

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