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Characteristics if silverfish?

what are some characteristics of silverfish that other insects don't have and why does it help them.


thanks mischa s, how does being nocturnal help them?

Update 2:

It seems like i have to do the same exact project, I'm in 8th grade as well.

Update 3:

Also, where in the world are silverfish found (I think it's everywhere except Antartica)

Update 4:

Yeah, I live in Indian Hill. The project is for Mr. Theisen's class!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They are active at night, the go through three (3) stage metamorphosis, and most importantly, they can go for about ten (10) days without food or water. The importance of this is pretty self explanatory because they don't have to go around searching for food even once every week. This helps them survive, and they obviously have a greater chance of living longer. I am not sure if other organisms and insects have this ability.

    By the way, I answered your other question. I was the second (2nd) answerer. You can look at that answer for more information.

    Best of luck!

    EDIT: Yes, you are absolutely correct, every continent except for Antarctica. You are right, you and my niece may be doing the same project... Do you by any chance live in Cincinnati, Ohio? My niece lives in Indian Hill, and so do I.

    Source(s): My niece in eighth (8th) grade is doing a science project on this, and I have been finding interesting facts, characteristics, and genus and species names all week end.
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