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Work Cited MLA Format - Question?

Hi, I'm doing a work cited and it needs to be MLA format.. basically I need citations from the text.

ex: "Those lights are bright" (Melville, 5) Author, page #

is that correct? if not could u supply the correct format / examples / links?

Much appreciated - Thanks in advance.

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    I always use

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    Citation is used depending on the thing being cited (i.e. a book, poem, journal, newspaper, song, etc.). There are various ways of citing depending on what you are trying to cite. If you look on Yahoo! search engine for MLA citing "___" (whatever you are trying to site), there are many cites that will be able to help you with that, but since I don't know what you are citing, it's difficult to say that what you are writing is correct.

    Here's a good site that can help you start...

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    Use that website. It's very easy. Just put in the title and author and it does the rest!

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    Google it

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