Confederate flag pride. Defend yourself. Educate me.?

Every so often, I see someone displaying the confederate flag as if they are proud of it. There has to be something more to it that I don't understand. I cannot believe there are THAT many proud and ignorant racists out there.

Can someone educate me on the matter? Why would you display a symbol of ignorance? Is there more meaning to the flag than what I am aware of?

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  • Ista
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    1 decade ago
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    The confederate flag, for many has nothing to do with racism, but rather a pride of who they are and where they come from. The glorious old south. It is flown in rememberance and pride of ancestors lost in the civil war.

    Many that fought for the south, didn't have slaves, and didn't care about slavery as it didn't affect them, they were poor. They fought for the states right to make it's own decisions, not to keep the slaves.

    I'm proud of my southern heritage, I'm proud of the people I come from, and what they went through for their beliefs. My father was out in the fields picking cotton at 3 yrs old. He obviously wasn't very good at, but he still contributed as did everyone else.

    It frustrates me that the confederate flag is used as a racist symbol, and seen as such by the ignorant. It has nothing to do with that.

    Granted it's true, there were slaves in the south, but only the few elite actually owned them. It's also true that they didn't want to give them up. But most importantly it's true that the south didn't want the federal goverment telling them how to run their states and what they could and couldn't do. It wounded their pride, and they felt they had to take a stand.

    I doubt I've changed your mind or your views, but I hope that perhaps, you can at least see, that some view it differently.

    Edit: I'd also like to point out that their is more to the history of the cival war than what is simply taught in our schools, and that what is taught varies from region to region. I was raised in Michigan by southern parents. At school I was taught the ignorant south refused to give in, and that the war was about slavery, at home, and through books my father provided I gained a more rounded knowledge of the south's view point regarding the war.

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    Exactly what Ista said. You know...history books are an excellent way to educate yourself on all things including the confederate flag. This is more of a way for someone whos mind is made up (like yours) to try to argue with others whose minds are made up (like mine). And also, with everything going on the this really the issue that troubles you the most? If so, then i would also suggest that you spend some time on current events. ps simple answer...The Confederate flag is not a racist symbol. It is a symbol of pride which has been used by racists.

  • Anonymous
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    It doesn't stand for much anymore. But before it stood for the old south. And was part of the state flag for many states. You have to remember that the Confederate states were basicly pumbled into submission by the north. And this caused a lot of resentment for a long time. In a sense it's state pride & geographical pride. Ocasionally it can be a symbol of racism for imature people. But if you think that, that's what it means you'd be mistaken. The south wanted to protect their way of life. And that's why they broke off from the union. And personally i think they had every right to do so. Cause if you say they didn't your saying that the 13 colonies had no right to break away from the British Empire. That's one of the reasons i disagree with people when they talk about Lincoln. The fact that he said that breaking away from the union was unconstitutional was asinine. I agree with his views about slavery, but i don't agree with his views concerning the south breaking away. They had just as much right to do that as the 13 colonies did. And the fact that he said that they didn't lessons my opinion of him as a president. Also they could have ended things differently they did not have to burn & destroy so much. And to this day there are some people who hold the name Sherman in distain in the south. And quite frankly if they have long roots in the south they should. Personally i agree with Ron Paul on the subject of the civil war. There did not have to be a war. The north could have bought the slaves from the south & set them free. And this would have allowed the south to survive. But instead they offered nothing to the south. They wanted to take the slaves from them for free. And leave the south with nothing & no means to live. The truth is with the industrial revolution the north didn't need slaves anymore, but the south was still reliant on them & it was a huge part of their income. Do you honestly think that if the north were in the same position they would have sought to abolish slavery? If so give me a break. The truth is the north wanted the south to suffer & gave them no practical alternative other than to secede & defend their way of life. The civil war was a failure. It was a failure to comunicate & to agree on what was the best way to end slavery. Millions of people died because the north did not want to accomodate the south. And to give them some sort of practical means to survive with out slavery.

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    Click on the following links and educate yourself on the matter because you are showing YOUR IGNORANCE by saying what you just did about the Confederate Flag.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

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    BTW, the following links were not provided by the Indiana State Historical Society (A Northern State) but any research that was done on this matter was also done by members of the Indiana State Historical Society.

    Educated enough?

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