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child paternity and custody?

i live on the border of ky and indiana i met a guy about 2 yrs ago when he played college ball and i lived in dallas we met in indiana hung out partyed just by some chance i was modeling in indianapolis and ran into him weird we hung out and were a one night thing my baby is now due in sept but i know his name and birth day and have a address but i think is his moms what should i do from here any suggestions on how to locate his address and not his moms and what to do now

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    If you go through CSE/CSS they should be able to find him. One of the links is to the Federal Parent locator service but most states have one too.

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    Try Googling his name. Also, you could hire a Private Investigator. Either way, you need to find this man and let him know he is going to be a father.

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