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Caduceus89 asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

Sword Styles?

Does anyone know any sword styles to go with the following swords? (If it does not have a name, give it a general name that adequately describes it).

a. Chokutō

b. Dōtanuki

c. Katana

d. Ninjatō

e. Shin Guntō

f. Tachi

g. Tsurugi

h. Uchigatana

Large Swords

a. Nagamaki

b. Ōtachi (Nodachi or Odachi)

c. Ōkatana

And please nothing from wikpedia. The information can be provided by anyone and if I wanted it I could do it myself. I'm also looking for something substantial and not a flippant answer. Thank You

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  • idai
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    1 decade ago
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    Hi there

    I can certainly help you with some of the sword types but not all.

    First for the easy one the katana. There are loads of Japanese arts that study the forms of the katana. You can find it being used in many Japanese kobudo arts where its called kenjutsu. Aikido and other modern jujutsu schools study the katana but only in its basic form. The more common well established schools are iaido schools such as muso jikiden eishin ryu and modern kendo.

    Sword forms using the Ken, tachi and katana can be studied from a very old samurai school called kukishin or kukishinden ryu which consitst of the weapons and forms of the happo hiken. You will also find that the Nagamaki, naginata, and yari are taught by this school. The problem with large bladed weapons is that they were all battlefield weapons.

    The Ninjato can be found in the togakure ryu school. There are 17 forms for this type of blade. The correct school name for the use of this weapon is biken no ho. And sorry to disapoint but it doesnt have a straight blade either. This is what a real one looks like.

    As for the others they will probably be found in other Koryu Samurai arts which can only be studied in Japan.

    Heres a few interesting links for you

    Hope this helps

    Best wishes


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