how do i set up my outlook express mail account ?

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    Outlook Express is just an email client, used to handle mail from your email account, such as yahoo mail etc.

    You need to go to the main site that you have the email account with, and you should find the settings you need and instructions.

    If you still need help, you will need to give us more information.


    I see Jaymikal below has given you a nice long full answer, quoting his years and qualifications, but.....

    1. How does he know if the email you are trying to pickup is with your ISP? If it is, then ok, but if it is with another company (I have 4 email accounts, only one of which is with my ISP) then your ISP won't be able to help you. This is why I said go to the site of the email account to get the instructions.

    2. Nearly all email sites will have a link to click which pretty much sets up all major email clients (and definitely Outlook Express at it is preinstalled with Windows) with the information you need, so why make this question more complicated than it is?

    3. Good luck calling a company and asking them to give you your own password !

    Well done Jaymikal - Microsoft Certified Tech w/ 13+ Years of Experience - You Da Man !

    You should start a one man band, as you are definitely able to blow your own trumpet !

    2nd EDIT... Touch a nerve did I ??? LMAO

    As for trying to pick a fight, I was not. I was merely trying to prevent the questionner calling up their ISP to find out information that you have told her to get, when the email account may not be with their ISP. In my experience, tech support nearly always overcomplicate issues.

    My edit actually acknowledged that your comments while accurate and detailed may not be appropriate due to your having made an assumption. I ended my original answer with "If you still need help, you will need to give us more information". You have provided this help using your wealth of experience and knowledge, but to go straight to your method may not be suitable.

    To use an analogy, If you were answering a question about a car which wouldn't start, you could give a very thorough answer about completely stripping and rebuilding an engine, but I would advise checking that it has fuel first.

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    Hello -

    Outlook Express requires a few settings in order to be setup correctly. If you don't have all the info, then what you'll need to do is call up your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask the following questions:

    1. What is your e-mail username (typically your e-mail address)

    2. What is the password associated with that e-mail

    3. What your incoming mail server is (typically pop3.YOURISP.com, where YOURISP.com is your ISP's domain name.

    4. What your outgoing mail server is (typically smtp.YOURISP.com)

    5. Whether the outgoing mail server requires authentication (most don't).

    Ok, armed with this, open Outlook Express, go to Tools, then Accounts, and go through the motions of creating, or adding, a new e-mail account. The first thing it will ask for is what name to display when you send out an e-mail. Next up is your e-mail address, then your e-mail username & password (questions 1 & 2). It should then ask for the incoming (question #3) and outgoing (question #4) mail server. That's pretty much it when it comes to the setup wizard.

    Ok, if you received a "yes" for question #5, then you'll have to go back into the Properties for the newly created e-mail account, go to the 'Server' tab, and check the box that says "Outgoing mail server requires authentication".

    If there were any other small details the your ISP tech told you to do, then you'll need to do it now. Generally, though, you're done!

    That's it! Good luck! Hope this helps!


    555 - You are clearly not in the tech support field. I am, and have been for quite some time. Am I trying to blow my own horn, as you put it? Nope. Never have, never will.

    The instructions I left have been used countless times. And yes, I should have probably said that those instructions were for people that had a paying account with an Internet Service Provider. Yes, there are quite a few e-mail accounts out there that can be free, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

    The asker had asked the question on how to set up Outlook Express with an e-mail address, and I specified how to set it up, choosing to take the time to actually spell out what steps need to be taken rather than providing a link.

    As for being able to call up the tech support department of your ISP and asking for the password? As long as you are primary person on the account, then you will be able to answer their security questions, and then they will give you the password on the account, or either change/reset the password if so instructed.

    I'm not here to announce to the world my qualifications, or number of years I've been doing this. I put that there to assure the person that I'm trying to help that I do, in fact, know what I'm doing. It appears that you're trying to pick a fight. Not sure why. Relax. This is a question & answer forum.

    2nd edit:

    555 - You clearly had a bad experience with tech support. You keep trying to provoke a situation. Quite frankly, this isn't worth my time.

    Good luck with future computer endeavors. I hope you have more patience then than you did now.

    Source(s): Microsoft Certified Tech w/ 13+ Years of Experience
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    If by employing default you advise which you extremely choose for it to open from IE 6 once you click the digital mail button, that's complete in IE: internet kit>courses tab... Why could you go with for to? Outlook is greater complete featured and additionally many times greater valuable secure by employing digital mail antivirus scanners than is show because of the way that particular handles mail attachments...

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