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What is the conflict that arose between Israel and Palestine? and why does America want them to have a Middle East Peace?

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    Historically this conflict can be traced to Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael in the Torah/Old Testament where Isaac's (Abraham's favorite son) became the father of the Jews and Ishmael the Father of Muslims and banished Ishmael and Hagar, Ismael's mother from his family. Additionally throughout much of history, the lands often referred to as Israel/Palestine were the focus of wars between Mesopotania, Babalonia and Egypt. More recently after World War II and the holocause, the United Nations decided to partition then British-governed Palestine into two States, one for the Jews or Israel and one for the Arabs (Palestine). At this point the neighboring Arab nation's decided to "push the Jews into the sea," intending that there would never be a Jewish State. The Jews fought back and were able to secure a home state of Israel in 1948.

    Over the ensuing years, several conflicts between the Arabs and Jews have ensued neither party being 100% completely innocent, Syria recently was bombing Jewish settlements in northern Israel, but Israel has also siphoned off water from the Jordan river to irrigate fields. Curently Israel is considered a "western" state that has a democratically elected government and a stable and wealthy economy, they also control and occupy the land that was initially to go to the Arab populations under the Balfour Declaration from the United Nations. The Palestinians want to self govern that land, but the Jews want security that they will not be attacked or subjected to suicide bomb attacks or other violence.

    Essentially the U.S. policy is that Israel is a western democracy and we want democracies to spread; however, to be honest the U.S. is friendly to Israel because of their proximity to the middle east and it's vast oil reserves.

    With Middle East Peace, especially between the Israel and other Arab nations (Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and a future Palestinian State as well as those on the Gulf Pennisula) the oil reserves will be more stable and costs and production will go down helping our economy here.

    This is just a touch of the issues, and a broad overview, but it hit's most of the relevant points excluding the differences in religious practices which is thesis level discussion

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    It's a fight over each respective religions' Holy Land.

    While Israel was around in ancient times, the new government is relatively young with the expiration of the Palestine Mandate in 1946 or 47.

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    It's a very complicated answer that has developed over many many years.

    I am sure you will get the "Because Israel took their land and the US wants Oil" answers, but do yourself a favor and do some research on this outside of Yahoo! answers. Otherwise you will get a biased view of what has happened.

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    Islam requires that Jews live under an apartheid-like social system called Dhimmitude. Jews suffered for centuries under this system in Arab countries.

    Nearly 1 million Jews fled from Arab lands to Israel in order to escape this persecution.

    Zionism, the Jewish national liberation movement, empowered Jews to defend themselves and stand up for their own human rights.

    The conflict it about the Arab nation's attempt to "put the Jews back their place" as an oppressed 3rd class people under Islamic rule.

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    Israel keep this conflict drag on for the last 40 yrs. and will keep on doing it their way ....kill and kill an excuse to terminate all palestinian people and push 'em out of their home land. And on the hand force u.s to give israel 8 billion dollars a yrs. in economic aid to defend their cause against Arab and Palestinian people. Anyone in speak against israel would consider anti-semitic craps

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