What is the easiest recipe for a well balanced meal? A cassarole would work, but I mean really easy! Anyone?

I hope I stressed the easy part. I am an excellent cook, but lately I am just not in the mood. It has reached the point that I pay someone to look up the number and dial for carryout food to be delivered.

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    You said easy, this one takes some non active cooking time but very little hands on time.

    Take a roasting pan, slice some small potatoes into quarters, slice some onions. Put some butter salt and pepper into the pan and place in a 350 oven. Go do wrangle sheep for 45 minutes. Place any type of sausage you like on top, add a few halved tomatoes. Put it back in the oven and go rope a few calves for 25 minutes. Then it's time to ring the dinner bell.

  • Holly
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    4 years ago

    Always an option: Chicken thighs. If you buy the bone in, with skin, they're about 3 bucks cheaper per pound than boneless skinless breasts. No joke. And they're not hard to bone and skin. You just rip off the skin, comes off super easy. Then cut down each side of the bone, cut out under it, and its good to go. Marinate in whatever you like, maybe a vinegrette salad dressing, or barbecue sauce, or if you're feeling "exotic" a mix of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, honey, and a wee bit of sesame oil. Grilled up, cooks about 5-7 minutes each side. You can serve any of these with some cheap frozen broccoli, or if you want something more extravagant, you can throw some spears of zucchini on the grill next to them with some salt and pepper. Always a favorite at my house. I cook this at least once a week. Thighs have more flavor, and they stay juicy, so if you accidentally overcook them a little, its no big deal. And I get double use out of the bone in, skin on. I freeze the bones and skins, then cook up some chicken broth with it. Beats the pants off the canned stuff any day.

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    AH... you are not in the mood because you have alot of things on your mind, and a new keyboard.

    if you have any leftover chicken, chop it up and put it in the bottom of a shallow pan, then pile some chopped up sweet peppers (all colours), alittle onion and put on top. Then sprinkle liberally with cheese and bake it for 20 min or so.

    you can add some cooked rice if you have any around. If you have raw rice, just throw it on over the chicken and before the peppers and put in the appropriate amount of water


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    my wife is a excellent cook also.

    and she has thought about writing a cook book for cheep easy recipes

    since our family has shrunk to 2, but is enlarged at a moment notice.

    quick and easy is necessary.

    many times we use Country style ribs, instead of pot roast.

    just put the ribs in a covered pot with potatoes and carrots and onions.

    and cook on the top of the stove.

    and everyone's favorite, it.

    Enchilada soup.

    brown seasoned ground beef in a skillet.

    in a separate pan, heat canned Tomato soup.

    serve in a bowl with

    tortilla chips,

    and layer with the ground beef.

    chopped onions,

    tomato soup,

    top with grated cheese and salsa.

    or you might try the ones on this link.


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    Cook per package directions, but then add cubed tofu, chopped tomato and green onion. Stir it up, put a lid on, turn off the heat, and come back in 5 minutes ~ lets the noodles soak up most of the liquid and warms up the tofu & tomatoes.

    Starch, protein, veggies/fruits ~ *my* idea of a balanced meal.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    4 shanks


    Salt and pepper

    1/4 tsp. thyme

    1/2 tsp. rosemary

    1 c. diced carrots

    1 c. diced potatoes

    1/4 c. diced celery

    1 med. onion, chopped

    Dredge shanks in flour. Brown well in hot fat in large skillet. Add seasoning and 2 cups hot water. Simmer, covered 1 1/2 hours. Add vegetables. Cook for 30 minutes longer.

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    For easy meals - I LOVE THE CROCK POT

    Most people think that stews and roasts are the only things you can cook in a crock pot, but it actually does well with a lot of things......

    I cook my chicken breasts in my crock pot often. I will often put a few chicken breasts in the crock (Bonless, skinless, and FROZEN!!! JUST DROP IT IN THERE!), add just enough liquid to cover, spices, dried unions for flavor, and maybe some whole red potatos. Then set on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8 hours. Add any other softer veggies or herbs one hour before it is done.

    Here is a great recipie:

    chicken breast - frozen

    1-2 cup chicken broth or beer (I sometimes do it as half and half broth and beer.)

    1 packet lipton onion soup mix

    Cook for 4 to 8 hours... Remeber low for 8, high for 4

    When done, your chicken breats will be yummy and very tender and juicy! I steam some green veggies and potatos to go along with this....... To make it easier and less clean up, add your cut up potato (small bit sized pieces) one hour till done, then 30 minutes till it is done add in your brocoli florets.

    Toss in the yummy juices just before serving...... I will sometimes add a thickening agent to the juice and make a gravey or just spoon a little of the juice on before hand..

    For a crock pot all you need is meat, yummy liquid to cover, salt, pepper, other spices and herbs (adding herbs in the last half hour of cooking - any longer than that and they loose their flavor)

    My crock pot hero ingrediants include:

    Diced tomatos - your fav flavor (I love the mild green chili or Italian versions)

    Beer, wine, chicken broth, even dr. pepper!

    dried onions (pieces not powder) add in begining to make a nice tast... but don't use with a onion soup mix... duh.

    Lipton soup mixes

    ranch powder & mixes

    BBQ sauce (add some beer and beans and maybe some hot sauce and OMG HERE COMES SOME GOOD FOOD! Add any meat you like to this one!)

    Just don't use fish or whole chickens to crock pots... Fish doesn't do well as it will turn to mush, and whole chickens don't get hot enough in the center and can cause you to be sick if you eat it. They say not to use frozen chicken etiher, but I have done it for years with no problems... Just make sure you cook it at least 6 hours for low, and 4 hours for high.

    Have fun cooking!

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    Well, for me that would be a chefs salad with romaine lettuce, greens, celery, tomatoes, avocado, raw baby carrots, raw mushrooms, green onions, cucumber, thinly sliced strips of provolone cheese and thinly sliced strips of turkey breast. I'll also toast some whole oatmeal bread and that's my easy meal.

  • Anonymous
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    4 large boneless skinless chicken breast, thawed.

    1 box, stove top stuffing, roasted garlic flavor

    1 14oz can diced tomatoes (italian flavor is best)

    shredded cheese

    put chicken in baking dish

    mix stuffing together with 3/4 cup of water and can of tomatoes (including juice)

    sprinkle cheese over chicken

    cover with stuffing mixture

    bake at 350 about 20 minutes. or until chix is done.

    this is SUPERB

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